2018. It was an exciting year.

I think we’ve seen many things happen last year. Lots of good things regarding naturism too, even when a lot of promotion via Tumblr fell away.

For myself, I’m quite proud of having brought out three naturist books last year.

Mirror Earth Network, the third book in that scifi series. The entire set came out far better than I had anticipated when I started writing book one, Mirror Earth.

Book seven in the Naked Crow series, Sacred Arrows. And yes, I’m working on book eight in that series. There is a lot more to explore in Sheila’s world, certainly with a guide like Acaraho to help her out where things get strange.

And of course More Unsworth Manor Nudes, which came out not even that long ago. The cooperation with Mr Ted Bun of “Rags to Riches” fame is still working out because also Unsworth Manor will appear in one more book. Somehow “More Unsworth Manor Nudes” had a special link to what he is writing so we decided to make the connection final. One more book will appear to make, indeed, another trilogy. Odd how that works; none of the books I wrote so far were meant to become larger sets. (Glares at Sheila and Jeremy…)

I hope that this final book of Unsworth will get done in this new year, but as it’s quite a challenge to write this (the end is already clear which is difficult for me to aim at) I make no predictions.

In this new year I also hope to finish at least the current Naked Crow book I’m working on, and a new scifi I’ve written a while ago. I mentioned that one on my personal naturist author blog some time ago.

This is the intended cover of said scifi.

Whatever happens though, I wish everyone the very best for this coming year. May you find and keep happiness, health and all the good fortune you can handle. (Note that this is not a promise you’ll actually find it, my generosity only goes so far. 😉 )

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