A podcast and a ghost

I’m going to point out a podcast here.

In the latest (so far) episode of The New Nudist Podcast, Will Forest talks about his latest book, Skinners. It’s a very interesting interview, and this way you have a way of hearing him instead of only reading him. I can strongly recommend giving the episode a listen. The interview is the last 17 minutes of the episode, in case other things about naturism don’t interest you. 😉

I was delighted to hear Will mention this website, and also the efforts of many naturist fiction authors in getting the three ‘… in the nudist colony’ anthologies out there.

In case you don’t know, a dedicated group worked hard on 3 books with short stories. The first one, Murder in the Nudist Colony, can be found here on amazon. From there you can find the others quite easily.

All royalties are transferred to Doctors without Borders, so you know we’re not getting rich from the books. Please support the Doctors. 🙂

Now to the ghost part.

I’ve been working on a naturist steampunk story for a while. I’m giving it a slow, last read-through at the moment.

I truly think that this is the first in its kind. Steampunk and naturism. It sounds odd but it’s possible. I have no idea when I’ll be entirely done with it, but I’ll keep you informed, of course.

As I have no more news or interesting stuff to deposit, I’m going to cut this short, so you can return to your regularly scheduled flame-throwing. Or whatever you had planned for today!

Stay safe, stay naked.

6 thoughts on “A podcast and a ghost”

  1. It’s a great interview.He also did a conversation with Hector Martinez sometime back.It should still be on YouTube.Good luck on your latest projects.

    1. I subscribed to the show, and I’m planning on listening to all the episodes. Won’t go fast as they’re long, but they sound worth it. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Paul! In the interview, I know I mentioned this website, and I’m fairly sure I mentioned your in-the-works naturist steampunk that we all are going crazy waiting for! So glad *SkyGhost* is almost ready!

    1. I heard you mention our site and also SkyGhost. That made me smile big time.
      There was a big surge in visitors after the podcast ‘aired’; I hope those visitors keep coming. 😀

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