A Simple Tale – Regenerated

Well, as promised, I am bringing you examples of Artificial Intelligence via ChatGPT acting as an author. I used the same writing prompt for all three versions of the tale.

A tale of four astronauts

“Two men and two women are astronauts travelling to a distant planet. They have blue tinged skin and elfin pointed ears and they are nude. In the ship they have no need for clothing as resources are limited. Write a scenario where they are on the ship’s bridge travelling though an asteroid belt while making reference to their state of dress.”

I used another AI program called NightCafé to render two images. This was a lot more difficult as that program is allergic to anything about nudity.

I have a question to ask of you, our readers. Are any of these versions created by artificial intelligence worth reading? At first reading, if you didn’t know they were AI generated tales, would you know that there wasn’t a human doing the writing?

A tale of Elves in space.

To be honest, seeing the results of the numerous experiments I have been doing using ChatGPT, I have the feeling that AI writes better than a certain percentage of human authors. And, I wonder does it matter? After all, readers are not really interested in the author behind a story, they simply want to be entertained, usually without having to wade through a complicated and deep story. The plethora of garbage in movies, TV series, and pulp fiction is the best proof of that reality.

Will AI replace human authors?

. . . . .

Take One

The four astronauts were seated on the bridge, their blue skin glistening in the dim light of the control panels. The ship was hurtling through an asteroid belt, and the crew was tense, their pointed ears twitching at every unexpected jolt.

Despite the danger, the astronauts appeared calm and focused. They were communicating in hushed tones, their hands deftly maneuvering the controls. With no clothes to hinder their movements, they were able to work with efficiency and agility.

As the ship dodged a particularly large asteroid, one of the women leaned forward, her bare chest resting against the console. The other three crew members were too focused on their tasks to notice, but she felt a shiver run through her body as the cold metal pressed against her skin.

The man sitting next to her glanced over, his eyes lingering on her exposed body for a moment before returning to the controls. Despite their nakedness, the crew had long ago become accustomed to the sight of each other’s bodies, and their professionalism never wavered.

The other woman’s pointed ears perked up as she detected an incoming threat. “Watch out!” she shouted, and the crew sprang into action. They deftly navigated through the debris, their naked bodies moving in perfect synchronicity as they evaded each obstacle.

At last, the asteroid belt was behind them, and the crew let out a collective sigh of relief. They settled back into their seats, their blue skin tinged with sweat from the exertion. Though they were still nude, the crew was unfazed, their focus now shifting to the next challenge ahead.

. . . .

Take Two

The four astronauts sat at their stations on the bridge, their blue skin glistening under the fluorescent lights. Despite the potentially dangerous situation, they were all calm and focused, their pointed ears perked up in concentration.

As the ship weaved through the asteroid belt, the occasional jolt sent ripples through their bare skin. The two men and two women had grown accustomed to being nude in the confined space of the ship, and they found it liberating to be free of clothing. They knew that resources were scarce, and they had to conserve everything they had, including clothing.

One of the women, Juna, called out a warning as a particularly large asteroid came hurtling towards them. The ship shuddered as the asteroid collided with its outer hull, but the crew remained steady, their naked bodies barely even jostling.

“Damage report?” Captain Kael asked, his deep voice rumbling through the bridge.

“Minor hull breach, but it looks like the ship’s shields held up,” replied the other woman, Mara, her sharp eyes scanning the readouts on her console.

The two men, Vex and Kai, worked in unison to adjust the ship’s trajectory, deftly avoiding the remaining asteroids as they hurtled towards their destination.

As the asteroid belt faded into the distance, the crew relaxed slightly, their blue skin tinged with relief. Despite the danger, they had made it through unscathed, their nakedness proving no hindrance to their ability to pilot the ship.

“Good work, everyone,” Captain Kael said, a small smile playing at the corner of his lips. “Let’s get some rest before we reach the planet.”

The crew nodded in agreement, rising from their seats and stretching their lithe bodies. As they left the bridge, they didn’t feel self-conscious about their nudity, but rather grateful for the freedom it afforded them in the tight confines of their ship.

. . . . .

Take Three

The four elfin astronauts sat on the bridge of their spaceship, their blue tinged skin glistening in the dim light. They had been travelling through space for weeks, and the lack of gravity had caused their pointed ears to become even more pronounced. Despite the danger of their current situation, they felt a sense of unity and comradery that could only come from experiencing such an adventure together, in the nude.

As the ship approached the asteroid belt, the bridge’s alert system beeped urgently, warning the crew of impending danger. The four of them braced themselves as the ship began to shake violently, each of them grabbing onto whatever they could find to steady themselves. As the asteroids pelted the ship’s hull, their blue skin rippled with each impact.

“Everyone okay?” the captain called out, his voice steady despite the chaos around them.

“I’m good,” one of the women replied, her pointed ears twitching with excitement. “This is amazing!”

The other woman nodded in agreement, her blue eyes sparkling with wonder. “I can’t believe we’re actually here, in the middle of an asteroid belt!”

The two men exchanged a look, their blue skin almost glowing in the dim light. “Let’s focus on getting through this in one piece,” one of them said, his voice deep and calming. “We can marvel at the wonders of the universe later.”

With that, the crew redoubled their efforts, working together to navigate the treacherous asteroid belt. Their naked bodies glistened with sweat as they maneuvered the ship through the dangerous terrain, their pointed ears alert for any signs of danger.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they emerged on the other side, their blue skin tinged with relief. They shared a moment of triumph, congratulating each other on a job well done, their naked bodies pressed together in a tight embrace.

“We did it!” the captain exclaimed, his blue eyes shining with pride.

The others cheered, their pointed ears twitching with excitement. For a moment, they forgot about their state of undress, caught up in the thrill of their adventure. And then, as they settled back into their seats and resumed their journey through the stars, they once again became aware of their nakedness, their blue skin tinged with a hint of embarrassment.

But for the four elfin astronauts, it was a small price to pay for the chance to explore the wonders of the universe together, in the nude.

6 thoughts on “A Simple Tale – Regenerated”

  1. It’s quite amazing that a computer program produced this. I think an inexperienced reader would quickly accept this as great or at least pretty good.

    I see too many awkward references to, and emphasis on nudity where it makes no sense, the naming of the skin colour in repetition, and other details a decent writer would skip.

    1. Yes, Paul, an to think that this was generated with ChatGPT 3.5 when a newer version ChatGPT 4.0 is now out though not free. Google has Bard doing the same thing. Likely there will be a flooding of the market with mediocre to half-decent stories by want-to-be writers who don’t have the skill to craft complex sentences or depth of character. Authentic writing will remain, but likely shift into esoteric domain – an underground movement of resistance.

  2. I agree with Paul about the excessive repetition of skin colour and nudity. I preferred Take 2 to Take 1 to Take 3 on account of better dialogue and suitability to the situation. The expression of feelings helped to engage with the reader,

    1. Robert, that is precisely the problem. The ability to express feelings to engage the reader with no “writer” behind the words.

  3. Very interesting, and alarming. I agree as well – the constant reference to the characters’ nudity is a rookie mistake among newbie writers of naturist fiction, and it kept pulling me out of the story. Obviously an editor can shape what the AI produced and eliminate that kind of thing. Thanks for showing these examples, Robert!

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