A world where nudity is okay

Reality. Nudity is not okay.

We all know that our world is flawed in more ways than one, definitely regarding nudity. It’s frowned upon if we’re lucky, and most places don’t even allow nudity. All that because of cultural ‘improvements’, where everyone should be happy according to the most limiting rules. At least, so it often seems to me.

Take all the rules, pick out the ones that limit as much as possible, and hand that to the people as their happy standard, and no one will be hurt, offended, displeased. It’s clear that many of those things will contradict each other, but that would take me on a tangent.

But loads of people want to be nude!

Paul. Nude.
Even authors want to be nude.

Yes, I know that. Everyone here knows that. Being nude is liberating. It makes us feel freedom.

I think that is one of the major pillars for naturist fiction. We’re not allowed to feel our freedom wherever we like, but we can take books with us wherever we like, and we can dive into that world of naked freedom. Experience it by proxy.

For me, reading naturist fiction au naturel is the very best. I dare think I’m not the only one. 🙂

But if that’s not possible, I love drifting away into the world of Will’s ‘Aglow‘, or travel with Robert on the road to Santiago de Compostella. It’s wonderful to be whisked away to the far world of Aenya, created by Nick Alimonos and root for the nude champions there. And that’s just a tip of the naturist fiction iceberg.

The naturist’s library

On my naturist site zjuzdme.org I have put up a huge list of naturist books. From time to time I add new ones and update that list. It’s a fabulous library already, and new additions are always welcome.

If you know of a book that’s not there yet, please let me know about it, and I will see that it gets added if it’s indeed naturist-friendly. Let’s build out this world where nudity is okay and safe.

4 thoughts on “A world where nudity is okay”

  1. Thanks, Paul! Right back at ya with your Mirror Earth, Naked Crow, Unsworth… when we can’t be naked, we can at least immerse ourselves in a nude world through naturist fiction!

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