Who are the people behind ‘Naturistfiction.org’?

We are Robert Longpré, Will Forest, and Paul Z. Walker, representing Canada, the US, and Europe. We write books that deal with naturism Рparticularly fiction (contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, mystery) but also autobiography and poetry.

Robert Longpré

You can find out more about Robert’s books here.

Will Forest

Will Forest is the author of novels that bring new contexts to naturist fiction. He maintains a blog on naturist topics at nudescribe.com, where you can read his interviews with other naturist writers under “Disrobing Suspense.” You can find out more about Will’s books here.

Paul Z. Walker

Paul Z. Walker has taken up writing naturist fiction in the fantasy and science fiction genres in 2014. He aims to show that being naked can be beneficial for a body (and therefore for a mind) and should be considered another normal.
You can find out more about Paul’s books here.