An experiment

Mad professor

Yes. I am going to reach new heights. Or depths. It depends on where this goes.

A while ago (think months, not weeks) I had an idea to write something about dragons. Not just dragons, by the way.

Some weeks ago I actually started.

The story will deal with people and dragons. I also foresee that religion will be part of the story. For those who know me, religion might take a bit of a beating. For those who don’t know me: religion might take a bit of a beating. I’m not into religion.


Then I had an idea. I actually started writing the story in my naturismless persona. Then it occurred to me how this story might also fit the naturist arena. (B.t.w. arena is Spanish for sand, so we’re probably talk about nude sand here.) (B.t.w.: b.t.w. is the Dutch abbreviation for VAT.)

At that point, the mad professor woke up and reared his head.

“Why don’t you do both?” the professor asked.

“Whaddaya mean both?” innocent (haha) me asked.

And after a bit of mental gymnastics with the mad professor, it appears that I’m writing the story for naturists and prudists alike, and… at the same time. How I do this is a secret.

Mad professors have a right to keep their secrets, right? In case you wonder if this is actually true, it’s obvious you haven’t met many mad professors yet. Or not enough of them.

This is going to be an interesting ride. Or flight. Dragon flight, of course. I have some ideas where the story is going. More than that is not a good idea, because outlining a story only takes writing time away.

It’s going to be fun, though. I like fun, so I put it into my books. The two main characters, Harmon and Fidelma, will be an interesting experience. Or experiment.

8 thoughts on “An experiment”

  1. This sounds great, so much so that I won’t say “can’t wait” (sorry, Fokke). I’m very happy to wait as long as it takes to get this complex and tricky project working just right.

    There’s a saying that it’s impossible to deliver a project which satisfies all three ideals of fast, cheap and good. In engineering it tends to be a choice between “quick or right”, because price is an aspect of “right”.

    Best of luck, Paul!

  2. LOL! Now this is going to be a feat of mental gymnastics. I do know that dragons don’t wear clothing, but wizards and mages always appear to be walking around wearing voluminous garments that take up yards and yards of cloth. But then again, those garments would take the brunt of a dragon’s fiery breath, a good thing despite leaving the mage bare and perhaps a bit charred.

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