April First. Of course. Leave that to me.

As I discovered I have the ‘honour’ to write this post on April Fool’s day, the first thing I wondered about was, ‘How many books are written about this day?’ So I hit my favourite search engine and discovered there are loads of them.

A small selection of books about April Fool’s day

Surprising? Hardly. Disappointing? Just a little, because (as was to be expected really) there was no naturist book about this day. Perhaps someday this will be rectified.

There is no definitive explanation for the origin of this day. Some bits point to the Romans and even ancient Hindus, others point to an alternative new year. If you crave more April Fool’s info, look here.

Still, that doesn’t make for naturist books on that particular day.

Books? Okay, let’s talk books. Despite being busy with a few books already, I had a short back-and-forth with Robert, about taking pictures and picturing an alternate reality. That was something I should not have said. Why not, you ask? Because things like that trigger ideas and those trigger stories. And the working title of this one is ‘Crazy Pictures’. It’s off to a good start, unfortunately.

1 – The first picture

Dave smiled. Or grinned. The expression on his face hovered between the two as he admired the last touches he’d put to his work. Dave loved tinkering with Photoshop and this evening he’d done something truly crazy. His friend John had sent him a few photos from his vacation. Dave had always known John had weird ideas and habits, and one of the photos proved it. John probably sent it by accident – a picture of a group of naked people next to a few cabins on a beach. Dave had looked for a picture of himself on a beach and very nicely had pasted that into John’s picture, so now he was there, standing between a naked man and a naked woman.

That might not strike you are crazy in regards to pictures, but “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, as the old Romans used to say. Of course, they did so in Latin so it sounded different, which is why you don’t know what they said.

And if you do speak Latin: the old Romans had a different dialect.
(That takes care of that.)

So there’s the deal. I’m working on yet another story (sorry Ted, but that doesn’t make Avery and company go any slower). Let’s see if this story goes anywhere…

Happy April 1st, everyone. Don’t let anyone fool you!

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