August Long Weekend

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In Canada, we celebrate something that unofficially is called the August Long. The weekend preceding the first Monday of August gets so named. As I write this, it is Sunday morning of the August Long. Yesterday, we went to our daughter’s campsite at a local lake called Sask Landing. This afternoon, we return again to visit with her, her husband, and her oldest of two sons and his partner. It will be an afternoon filled with games ending off with another delicious supper cooked on our son-in-law’s Traeger.

Now, it just so happens, that this grandson, the eldest of our eight grandchildren, is the protagonist in a space opera story that is in progress. Right now, I have a minimum of four novels in progress – a space opera, an urban fantasy, a pandemic themed story, and a historical novel.

Celtic Tree of Life

I have scheduled a new novel, well it is new in terms of being published, to be released by mid-August, a book called Deja Vu. I had found the perfect image for a cover and went with it. I had contacted the artist who drew the image with the intention of paying her for the image. Unfortunately, she has declined its use and now I find myself scrambling for a new image. The only solution that I could find was to create my own image. I started with a black and white tattoo outline of the tree of life, or yggdrasil. This novel is to be the first in a series that I am calling the Celtic Tree of Life series. This image shows where I am at so far in terms of working with Paintℱ. It is definitely a crude image, but there is no question that is an original work of art, LOL!

Writing a novel or story, often has the writer scrambling at times. Sometimes it is about a plot hole, or a wrong turn that leaves the writer with a dilemma. This is no different for a writer of naturist fiction. There are all sorts of pitfalls that challenge the writer and the author’s cast of characters. What is a writer to do? Why the best advice to give is to take the lemons that are thrown at you and make lemonade. Hopefully, the lemonade isn’t so sour as to turn off the prospective reader.

4 thoughts on “August Long Weekend”

  1. I hope your August Long was a good one, Robert.
    Good luck with the image and all the stories you have planned. You know where to throw them for a curious eye! 😉

    1. I will remember. I imagine that it will be a while before I am ready with another story. LOL! This last one will now be ready for inclusion in the Naturist Library. Thanks, Paul.

  2. I love the theme using the Tree of Life for your book cover.

    Your story sounds very interesting. I am working on a graphic novel with an author from the murder anthology.

    The writing process on my part is breaking down the story to make it fit in panel form.

    Keep up your phenomenal work.


    1. Thanks for the positive comments. Good luck with the graphic novel. I am still working on how to economically produce a graphic novel and a comic book.

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