Contrary to popular belief, authors are people too


For some reason I decided to check a few things on the site and then I found this post. At least… the title. I never wrote this to any finish to get it posted at the right time.

And now I look at the title and I seriously wonder what I was going to write about. Of course, authors are people too.

Oh. Stop press. I remember!

Naked Crow 3

It was about something on twitter or some other social platform, where someone sent a message to me about the Naked Crow books and how he had enjoyed reading them.

So I wrote a message back, thanking him for taking the trouble to drop me a line.

Then it happened: the reader sent a message back, totally confused and surprised and impressed that I had responded to his words.

That surprised me in turn.

After a few messages back and forth, it dawned on me what was going on:

Is there an author you very much value and appreciate? Someone you see as out of your league to even approach? That is what happened to me. The kind writer of messages had never expected to get a response from that ‘out of his league to approach’ author. That really made me think. And from that bunch of thoughts, I arrived at the title of this post, which you are only now reading:

Authors are people too.


We like to get messages from people. Preferably nice messages, of course.

That makes it sound as if we’re real people, right? And since we’re naturist authors, we’re naturist people as well.

It was a very strange experience, believe you me. One I wasn’t prepared for, but one that made me think, and smile, and appreciate the influence my work has on people.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

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