Blurring lines

Dear reader,

I hope the title of this post, ‘Blurring lines’, doesn’t make you think of tan lines, although the lack of summer is very well able to do that where I live. Probably more of you are in that same situation.

No, this is not about tan lines. It’s about the way to incorporate naturism, and the people who are into it, into the stories we (Will, Robert and I) write. I am of the opinion that it’s important that naturism and the nudity, but also the mindset behind it, are a natural part of the story.

Focusing on the naked aspect of it too much isn’t smart. That pushes the mind towards nude for the reasons of physical please too easily, even when there’s no mention of that in the actual story.

For some lucky people, there is hardly a line between those two worlds. Others, however, long for that line to be less clear, or even disappear entirely.

Nude in space cover

In life ‘as we know it’, that’s not likely to happen soon, unless the problems I depicted in Nude in Space become real. (And from what we see now, with climate change, these ideas don’t even seem too crazy at this point in time.)

It would be wonderful if the ones who want to be nude can do so anywhere, when there is no need for clothes. It would be good for the planet as well, because fewer clothes means less waste and pollution, and that only helps us.

Hopefully things won’t get as bad as in the book, because at this moment we don’t have a spare planet to run to if things on this blue-green ball get out of control.

On the railroad
A fine line to balance

And until then, writers like the tremendous trio that run this site, attempt to blur the lines between outside life and naturist life. For instance by not focusing on taking a character’s clothes off, but more pointing at when they put them on again. I have found there is a difference between those actions. Taking off your clothes and doing things points out more the nudity and then some. Doing things and then putting clothes on is more a realisation like: “Oh, right, they were naked.” It’s a fine, even a blurry line there (pun intended), which I think is important. A line that we’re trying to balance over, with a tilt towards the benefits of air and light hitting one’s skin. Improving one’s mind and spirit, and through that one’s health. Because we all know that’s what naturism does.

And until we can witness those lines fade all around us, in real life, we will continue to blur them in our stories. For me, a naturist story can be an escape into a better world. One where ‘normal nudity’, social nudity, isn’t something that is frowned upon by people, but just a regular part of life.

I hope we all live to see the day.

Be well, be safe, and definitely be naked! (Choose to be blurry whenever you like. 😉 )

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