Ballata – Murphys in Space II

Henry and his family find themselves on a small spaceship that is taking them away from Earth. After a stop and another start, the trip goes past Saturn, into deep space. The Murphy family does their best to fit in with the others. Suzy enjoys piloting, Mark learns a thing about farming and matters of the heart, and Hannah discovers her scientist side. Henry gets a job that resembles his old, traffic controller job a little. It's just on a bit grander scale.

After an interesting journey they arrive at Ballata, the home planet of Derlan, Heron and Rajin, and all their other friends.

Once there, however, odd things happen. Will the Murphys be able to keep their senses with all that goes on around them? And will Henry be ready to deal with the strange discovery he makes when he visits the village of an ancient Ballatayan civilization? And where do these mutants come from all of a sudden?

Find out in "Ballata - Murphys in Space II"

Publisher: P.Z. Walker

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