A book called ‘Brave nude world’

I want to ‘talk’ about this book.

Maybe you plan to read it and you don’t want my opinion / spoilers about it. That’s perfectly understandable, and for that reason I’m placing my opinion behind a ‘read more’ link, so as to make sure you won’t be influenced by what I think about it if you don’t want to risk seeing it.

For those who aren’t planning on reading it (yet) or who are just curious…

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Let me start by asking you: what do you think of this title? Is this a naturist book? A book about the world we’re all longing for? Or is it something entirely different?

It’s both.

In the Brave Nude World there’s a law that people can be naked any time they want, where they want, for how long they want. It’s up to employers to allow nude employees. The way that describes how the law came to be is put down quite nicely, I think. Also the characters who are naked, as well as the ones who oppose the ‘nudies’, have good voices and come across as serious people.

I really liked the thought that the author put into that part of the book.

That part?

Yes. The other part has nothing to do with naturism. The first explicit sex scene I ran into, I could shrug off with the idea that this is human nature. Yes, people have sex, and for nude people it’s easier. But through the story, the sex scenes become more detailed, more graphical and at some point the scene takes up close to an entire chapter. I skipped that one because I’m not interested in that.

The entire naturism / free body part of “Brave Nude World” is very appealing to me and I am convinced also to many others. It’s a world that I would feel comfortable in. For that I applaud the insight, thoughts and the descriptions of the author.

The massive influx of sex, which increases as the story rolls on, put a big muffler on my enthusiasm for it. That is also the reason why I won’t put it in the naturist library. And yes, that’s too bad, because as I said, the naturist part of the story is really good, in my opinion.

You can’t have it all, obviously. Or, in this case, you can have it all, and then it’s too much of not the right thing.

10 thoughts on “A book called ‘Brave nude world’”

  1. Like many of these books, I suspect this was not written by an actual naturist, just someone fantasizing about it and fetishizing it. Too bad.

      1. Well, I tend to be guilty of that too (though I don’t write sex scenes) but I surround myself with female beta-readers (I have three) to help me spot any male biases.

        1. That’s different, I think. The author of BNW wrote female POV sex scenes and orgasms. I’m not sure how he got the ‘experience’ right. Knowing you, you’re doing this the right way.

  2. I just looked … I decided not to do a review of it when I read it a way back … I thought it was more erotica than #NaturistFiction.

    I found the same thing with We Bare All: The Project … after a good start in We Bare All: Graphene the second book got into the swinging scene Sad

    It is not on the shelf on my site either.

  3. It’s a book in the Permanude laws universe. Unlike the provisions in the same law (which sets out a number of protected lifestyles and beliefs) for naturists and nudists that do not permit sexual acts in public while nude but who may be nude anywhere, any time, those registering as Permanude don’t fall under lewd or obscene ordinances. There are a number of Permanude books availiable, and they all tend to pornographic scenes.

    I can see objections to the title, but the Permanude scenario does appeal to a lot of people.

    1. And so I learnt something. Once but never again. I had no idea there was a complete ‘genre’ dedicated to this.

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