Breathless Blurbs for Bottoms’ Book

The media frenzy caused by the announcement of a dissertation on naturist fiction just three weeks ago has led to the unthinkable: the immediate publication of Ms. Sandy Bottoms’ – excuse me, now Dr. Sandy Bottoms’ – dissertation! This is a truly unprecedented feat in the world of academic publishing in the humanities, which normally proceeds at the swift clip of about seventeen years and seven months average time between a publisher accepting a manuscript and then actually seeing the manuscript in print. Congratulations to Dr. Bottoms! And congratulations as well to her editor, Alfred A. Knude, who wisely discarded the dissertation title, “Luminosity: Naturist Fiction and the Chiaroscuro Imperative” for the new and highly marketable title of Books about Naked People!

In a exclusive, Dr. Bottoms is allowing us to share with you, dear reader, the reviews that will appear on the back of the book and inside the front cover – those pithy statements known as blurbs. Let me say, this is a very impressive collective endorsement from some of the folks most involved in the business. If you harbor any doubts about the quality of Dr. Bottoms’ work, read on!

Inspiration for the cover of Bottoms’ book – cover art still in final planning stages.

“Context is everything, and Bottoms’ Books about Naked People explains everything you’d ever want to know, and then some, about the contexts for naturist fiction. A voluminous addition to the library of any naturist.” – Christopher P. Ross, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Gulf Coast University

“I have to admit I was put off by the size of Bottoms’ book. Heavy! But I could not put it down. I read every word. Now I feel like I finally understand what’s been happening to me. It’s like Bottoms knows me better than this Walker fellow.” – Emma Nelson, special unit police

“Stunning. Astonishing… Have you read it yet? Did you know you can acquire it in hardcover? Why haven’t I told you how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book?” – Miranda T. Alcántara, retired entomologist, founder of Noonay Noo Naturist Park

“Reading Dr. Bottoms’ thorough research is like going on a pilgrimage. Along the way, you will be enlightened to the processes by which naturist fiction brings us into a greater understanding of our nudity, on many levels.” – RenĂ© Beauchemin, Jungian therapist and assiduous pilgrim

“My respect to Dr. Bottoms – this is an outstanding book. Her knowledge of the subject is extensive! As soon as I finish my own doctorate, I’ll translate this to Spanish. It needs to be more widely known and appreciated.” – Marisol Aguilar, PhD candidate in Mesoamerican History, University of Texas

“I wept when I read this, and it was because I dropped it on my foot. But after that I could not finish it, for as they say, if the shoe fits, wear it, and my shoe at that point was a cast up to my knee.” – Sammy Panzov, nudist-errant

“A work of incomprehensible beauty. Also, I can see right through this satire.” – Sheila, shaman

There you have it – a stellar constellation of endorsements of Bottoms’ hefty tome. Coming soon to a corner bookshop near you!

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