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I am writing this on June 21st, a day that is significant for a variety of reasons. It is the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Here in Canada, that is big as we are a country that is known for having winter-like weather longer than the average country in the world. As well as the first day of summer, here in Canada, we are celebrating National Aboriginal-Indigenous Peoples Day – First Nations, both treaty and non-treaty, as well as Metis [First Nations ancestry is a requisite] of which group I find myself].

A third reason is that here in Canada, we are celebrating Father’s Day. I have been getting messages, texts, and Facebook posts throughout the day congratulating me on somehow fathering three children. Yes, I know how to produce children but that is the same thing. Naturally, I have been returning these well-wishing efforts to include family, extended family, friends and neighbours, and basically anyone I know who is a father. And a fourth reason, is that on the 21st of June, the ebook version of a collective effort of short stories goes live.

The final reason the day has taken on some importance to me is that is a day that celebrates hiking, and naked hiking, also known as free-hiking. I managed to get out hiking in a provincial park which meant that clothing was obligatory on the 10 kilometre trail. My wife and I met up with fifteen sets of people during our hike. It was wonderful to see so many people out walking in family sets, some including their dog or dogs. The one positive thing I have seen as an outcome of Covid19 is the strengthening of the family units. In the past, this same hike would have us meet one hiker or small group, if anyone. Since I take a good number of naked hikes between May and October, I didn’t begrudge having to wear a pair of hiking shorts.

As for writing a story about naked hiking, well, my friend Marc from France, who writes the Nu Et Heureaux blog, has written just such a story, a mystery story. I don’t anticipate writing such a story, especially after having written two Camino pilgrimage novels. But who knows, maybe the next naked authors anthology will focus on free-hiking adventures.

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  1. It was indeed a special solstice day. I managed a sunny naked hike here in the UK on the 20th to make up for an inclement 21st! Looking forward to reading the book which dropped into my library yesterday.

    1. Good to hear, Don. Naked hiking is more than a thing, it is almost pure meditation in the right places and weather conditions.

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