Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas

I somehow missed posting my last scheduled blog on December 3rd. It’s not that I have little interest in being present here, but I sometimes get so immersed in my projects that I lose all sense of time. I serve as co-editor of the Federation of Canadian Naturist magazine, goingNatural. Because of a lack of editor for the magazine for more than six months, the new editor, Alex Makarow and I found ourselves rushing to get the summer issue out by the end of October. The autumn issue has just been completed this past week. And now, we are trying to get the winter issue out before the first of February, with a spring issue to hopefully be ready for April. That will make for four issues in six months. From that point on, we can relax with only having to produce four issues per year.

As well, as I wrote in my last post, writing for NaNoWriMo has been completed. I accomplished more that I had hoped for with 54,600 words of a naturist novel finished by midnight November 30th. And now, I find myself embarking on a different style of writing – a historical series of novels that begin in the late 800s in Northwestern France. The tale involves Vikings, Celts from both Scotland and France, as well as the Franks and Gauls who combine to create the foundation of modern France. Needless to say, I am very distracted.

On yet a side note, I have recreated my author page and am preparing for a final book-signing event to wrap up 2018. Hopefully the next year will be a more relaxed year with me being more present here at Naturist Fiction.

Merry Christmas!

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