Dystopian thoughts on a birthday

Birthday? What birthday?


Actually it’s mine, today. March 23rd. Unless every document I own is lying.

Today, with COVID-19 (a.k.a. Corona virus) I hit my 60th birthday commemoration.

Right, with that out of the way, let’s focus on…

Dystopian thoughts on writing

I just had to put this here.

When I scan the list of books in the Naturist Library, I am proud. Proud of the many books written that mention, touch or explain our preferred lifestyle. But with the Coronavirus taking over the world, and all the drastic measures taken to counter it, I wonder if these books are moving into the world as we knew it. Measures like not going out, not coming closer to people than 3 or 4 feet, and who knows what other stuff is coming at us, are not making it easy to be outside and be among like-minded people.

Naturists doing what naturists do best. Being nude together.

And if the naturist world is affected by this, will that be reflecting in naturist fiction soon? I’m quite certain it will. I don’t know if life as we knew it will ever come back. I really hope it does, but this new virus has far more reach and impact than e.g. SARS, MRSA or the swine flu had. And that while each of those were bad enough on their own.

If you are a writer, are you considering a dystopian naturist novel?

Mirror Earth

In the current light, this is definitely something I see happening. Maybe not too soon, but I just sat here thinking about Mirror Earth. At this moment we could really do with a new Earth. A fresh start. Preferably one where we don’t import Corona or any other wicked diseases, and – if I had a say in it – no money either, but that’s a different topic.

I am about to start writing Naked Crow 10. Yes, number 9 is done and awaits my rework before it get corrected. Should that include the newly arisen problems of this world? A few days ago I wasn’t so sure yet, but with what I read in the news now, I’m definitely wondering about it.

What would happen to the Mighty Oaks naturist resort in such a case? I seriously dread contemplating this. I love Sheila’s world and her adventures. If you have ideas on this, I would like to hear them. At this moment I’m really at a loss. About the future of mankind and the books that will reflect life.

8 thoughts on “Dystopian thoughts on a birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday! As much as I didn’t want to write about the virus and incorporate it within my cartoon, I thought that should to at least let my followers know this is situation should be taken seriously. All the Best! – Fabien

  2. Happy Birthday! Perhaps you might also like the British alternative greeting Many Happy Returns – which wishes you cheerful future celebrations as well as an enjoyable current one.

    I think we should all take comfort from the fact that disasters and catastrophes have been part of human history since before recorded history existed (think: myths and legends), and – sooner or later – the race gets over whatever it was and (oh dear) finds new ways to mess things up.

    Which doesn’t stop the present situation being of real concern to any rational person, and a terrible ordeal for huge numbers.

    Look after yourself, and – as far as possible – look after others too.

    1. Hello Tim, and thank you.
      Sorry it took me a while to respond. You’re right: humans have always been very creative in making a mess and getting over that again.

      Have a good day, keep your distance and enjoy life as we know it!

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