Expression. That’s what it’s all about.

Expression is what drives me

I think I can safely put this here. Writers have a lot of stuff going inside and writing is the way to get it out there. That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to tell it but putting things in writing usually is a much better way for me to express myself.

Writing makes me stop and think about what I am about to (or try to) convey, which makes things a lot better and clearer in the end.

What do I express in writing?

Egyptian way of expressing. Image courtesy of

First and foremost it’s about emotions. Old  ones, new ones, any kind. I’m not the kind to toss out my emotions into the world for all to see without holding back. Maybe I should do that more often but for now that’s not in the books. So I do that through writing.

When I am angry I can write the angry parts of a story. I can make people beat each other up and feel so much better after all – with the advantage that no one physically got hurt.

At other times I am thinking about my own life, what happened and what’s still to come. If I am trying to figure out something I need to decide on, that’s something I can put in writing as well. I simply come up with a poor schmuck who’s in my position and I’ll see what he (or she) makes of it. I can learn from his / her mistakes, and as we go along I can come up with alternatives. Taking someone by the hand, so to speak, and leading that character along, makes for a much better perspective on life than looking out from the inside. It’s like I’m putting myself outside the box that I know is there. It’s a great vantage point to get a better, more objective view on things.

Paul, watching something
On the lookout.

As long as I have this way to look at things, using my writing as my ‘alternative perspective’, I am sure things will always work out. The interesting part here is that no one – apart from the people who know me very well – will ever know which parts of a story have a lot of ‘me’ inside them, and what merely popped up from my weird mind.

In that respect I can reassure you that I have not found ways to alternate realities yet (re Mirror Earth) so those things aren’t what I was pondering when I came up with those stories. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Expression. That’s what it’s all about.”

  1. Paul, I know exactly what you mean about using writing to work through issues – past, present, or anticipated – to get a better grasp on things. It is like you say – looking at it from outside yourself, from a very different point of view. Then putting it all together can really help. I have an online journal that I keep – completely private – that is like my sandbox so to speak. I can say and do anything there and nobody gets hurt. I can even try out multiple approaches and outcomes just to see what might happen or even just for fun.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hello Neal,
      I’m glad my little post helped resonate something in you. Writing does make for a great way to ‘vent’ and discover what’s going on inside. Your way of doing this with a private journal is what I do in experimental chapters. Test out scenarios, see how the other characters react.
      It works.

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