Finding inspiration can be worrying

Inspiration is a weird beast. You need it to write things that become an interesting story.

Finding inspiration is also a weird beast. It’s different for many people. Some sit and wait for inspiration to come. That’s a way to do it, but I think that’s a slow process.

Others go out and look for inspiration. They hunt it down, clobber it and drag it back to their writer’s cave. That’s more like it. Writing shouldn’t be a sit-down-and-wait process. It needs action, just like the stories need action.

Mr Twain has my idea to approach this.

Don’t sit and wait. Inaction is never the solution, in my view, not for writing and not in life.

Writers often go out into the ‘wilderness of thoughts/ideas’ and come up with the strangest things. And sometimes those things become real. Look at the Star Trek series created by Gene Roddenberry. He came up with this idea, grabbed it and ran with it. Millions of people know it. And so many things that emerged from the show are now real, like personal communicators (smartphones), the tablets they waved around so long ago already. Physicists are even making progress with transporter beams, be it in a very limited way.

I think writers have the best tools to be daring and ‘boldly go where no one has gone before’. Look at the way naturist fiction is developing. More and more books emerge, anthologies like “Murder in the nudist colony” pop up (and more are coming), and hopefully this is just the start.

The more naturist fiction comes out, in more genres (which sometimes means going out on a limb too), the more widespread our lifestyle and our books will become. More people will see them and start reading them, because they can’t avoid them.

We just have to keep writing. And find inspiration for them.

4 thoughts on “Finding inspiration can be worrying”

  1. I wrote one story with inspiration from a lady who recounted one summer of her teen years. Her story was a beautiful story of coming of age. I made it a nudist based story. I went far on that limb. Unfortunately, the neighborhood I was in did not appreciate mixing reality with nudism. I think I must find a new tree or new neighbors.

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Robert. Inspiration is everywhere. I’m glad your neigbourhood didn’t stop you from writing that story. 🙂

  2. I actually spent some time hiking naked through the woods at Lake Como to find inspiration for my upcoming novella, The Feral Girl. I took an inventory of the type of flora native to the area so that I could mention them in my imaginary forest. I also drew upon my experiences from the past. One time, in the Florida marsh near where I grew up, I almost ran into a nasty looking spider. The web was almost invisible, but I managed to sense the thread on my bare skin. Thelana will be having a similar experience.

    1. That is the best kind of experience, Nick! Make them experience (our) real life and it will be so much better!
      Looking forward to the new story! 😀

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