I might be the first. Wouldn’t that be something?

Last year (yes, it’s that long ago already 😉 ) I decided to write a Dutch naturist novel. A crime story.

I have searched for Dutch naturist fiction and came up with nothing. Maybe it does exist somewhere but if it does, it’s well hidden.

Apart from that being perhaps the first Dutch naturist novel, it’s also a first for me: the first crime story. I’ve never been into crime stories, I still am not, but putting this one together was absolutely a thrill. A challenge.


Why did I take this genre?

That’s simple and complicated at the same time. I know that here in the Netherlands, crime stories are big sellers. In that respect it makes sense to take on crime writing. Writing, not doing, don’t get me wrong on that one!

It is also an attempt to make naturism more known in the Netherlands (the real kind, not the one that’s propagated on our dear Internet so often). I guess you have seen the combination of the two: the genre for the large market and naturism for reality and propaganda.

On the look-out

I honestly have no idea how this is going to work out. Maybe it ends up a big flop. In that case I’m fine with it because at least I will have tried to bring naturism to people’s attention. Maybe it ends up a bestseller and I’ll become stinking rich and famous. In that case I’m fine with it, and I probably won’t need to explain why! 😀

I’ll see what happens once the book is written, edited and ready to hit the shelves.

4 thoughts on “I might be the first. Wouldn’t that be something?”

  1. I hope it’s a big success for you.The worst that happens is Dutch readers learn about real naturism.In addition,you have the satisfaction of most likely the first to write a true naturist fiction book in Dutch.Congrats all around,Paul.

  2. I’ve read a few of the stories in English on Kindle. Intriguing how the author and the characters in the story deal with nudity, typically a policeman or ‘the hero/heroine’ who has to investigate a situation in a nudist ‘colony’ (and gets educated about, and comes to terms with, the terminology and ethics of naturism).

    You are in a unique situation in that you could (please!) translate it into English. It would be interesting to read a Dutch story in English.

    1. Hello Mark,
      I am going to try to do that. It will take a while because I have lots of other stories on my hands and I’m still tweaking the Dutch one.
      Thank you for the encouragement!

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