I’m scared of Emma Nelson

See-Through Emma Nelson 1

Some of you have seen this book’s cover up close.

It’s the first Emma Nelson mystery I wrote. I think it came out pretty well, despite the fact that I suck at mysteries. You may not agree (and I don’t feel bad if you do agree) but I never feel ‘safe’ when writing mystery stories.

The Naked Truth was the same thing; it scared me because it’s so difficult. Everything has to fit, has to make sense, and it all has to connect so no end is loose and no stone remains unturned.

When I started the second Emma Nelson mystery, the feeling wasn’t much different. If anything, it was worse, because with the first one done, I had to try and make this one just as good, if not better.

And, you perhaps guessed it, with the third book the world is looming over me, wondering if I can pull off another one. Yes, I started working on the third Emma Nelson mystery. I have several plots and nasty bits in place, and plans for visits to naturist ‘venues’ (enter fog and unclear parts) for Emma and Jeff, and perhaps other, still unknown guests.

I’m seriously worried about this book. And why is that? It’s because I have no idea if the first two are actually any good. Let me clarify this a bit. I know I made them as good as i can, and I put them out there. But do you, readers, think the books are worth their salt (or dollars, euros, Yen or rupees)? Because you are the ones that have to put up with this stuff that comes from my fingers. (And why doesn’t English have a proper plural for ‘you’, like ‘yous’?)

For now I will see that I get some words into the new story. I take it as a good thing that no one sent me mails that this set of two is crap, so thank you. (Either that, or something in the mail delivery goes wrong, which is always an option. 😉 )

In the meantime, get some of Will’s and Robert’s books. I know they’re good. I’ve read them.

Paul writing in the nude


12 thoughts on “I’m scared of Emma Nelson”

  1. Hi Paul. I enjoyed both the Emma Nelson books and look forward to the new one. Thanks

    1. Count me in- I thoroughly enjoyed both Emma Nelson books, and am eager to read the third one.

      1. Thank you, Bob. I’ll get the third one done. And the fourth one – because that was the original plan. Four parts.

  2. So funny – they are terrific books! It’s a great concept for a naturist mystery (Emma’s abilities), well-rounded characters, and yes, all the parts add up and all the stones get “turned”!

  3. I enjoyed both books in the series. I look forward to a third. Thank you for ALL your writings!

  4. Paul, I like your vivid imagination and willingness to go where no one has gone before. Why wouldn’t a person have a special skill or aptitude after being touched by a mysterious gipsy? Why wouldn’t that skill only be accessible when nude? How many of us might have that skill too but don’t know it because we are ‘afraid’ to appear nude in a public place? So much of life is ‘different’ for us mere mortals when nude in a public space. Go for No. three!

  5. Paul. The worry is basically good, because it’s a concern to do the thing well. But I don’t think you should be worrying because mystery / crime isn’t your thing. You produce characters, and write stories about those characters, what they get up to and how they interact. They lead everything. So I don’t think the fact that these characters happen to be detectives, rather than aliens, resort operators, security consultants or scientists (etc) will mean that the resultant story will be deficient. Far too many writers produce books which are brilliant in regard to the technical material, but where the characters are merely vehicles for that stuff, so the book is boring unless one is only interested in the non-people aspects. Good luck! (But you shouldn’t need it!!)

    1. Hello Tim,

      Thank you for your words. I sincerely appreciate them. All the reactions here do make me feel better and more ‘prepared’ to get part three up and running. It’s still ‘stuck’ at chapter 2, but it will happen. 🙂

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