Irreverent Naturist Anarchists

Anachro-Naturist Symbol

I am adopting a new role as an irreverent naturist anarchist. My first irreverent post of 2021 is about to happen. No, it’s not going to be a critique on religion or the One World Order. It’s going to be simply about poking fun at myself, the world of naturism, and the improbable scenario that nudity will be the norm. Okay, there may or may not be a friendly poke at your favourite deity in the process. I am sure that she has a sense of humour. I mean, you’d have to have a wild sense of humour to create human males.

Will Forest’s alternate universes

In a way, writers of all sorts of genres are almost minor deities in themselves if we assume that deities are into the creation business. I think of Paul’s Naked Crow series and his Mirror Earth series, as well as Will’s two masterpieces: Coed Naked Philosophy and Aglow. In both, the art of creation are masterpieces. The characters are imbued with depth, not with pulp-fiction cut-out characters. The reader finds it relatively easy to insert herself (or himself) into the story. Wild flights of imagination don’t get in the way of a reader’s appreciation. Rather, the scenes appear to be “natural.”

An alternate universe

The only thing missing in these creative works is the snake whose task is to expel everyone out of the garden. What a nasty turn of events. Only a mind that is gleeful with the appearance of Covid19, or a runaway asteroid on a collision course with our planet, or seeing a handful of dazed and confused humans desperately trying to survive an extinction event, relishes destruction would create an apple-bearing and talking snake. Rather, the focus is on creation leading to more creation with each iteration taking the human psyche to a higher plane of existence.

Now, in the real world, we see the snake everywhere. It is almost as if humanity has elevated the darkness to deity status. Anything of the light, is dismissed as goody two shoes, a character defect. In this modern world, enter the naturist author (writing naked, writing about nakedness) who rejects the way things are, those things that are oppressively enforced by the majority.

Life as seen through a naturist lens.

Creating alternative universes is fun. All writers I have met face-to-face or virtually are in awe of the characters that come alive within their stories, especially stories that challenge the status quo of normality. Having fun is a prerequisite. If one isn’t having fun creating these stories, then one is likely slipping back into telling dark tales that feed the status quo.

Now, imagine a writer who is likely more than a bit quirky. Remove the clothes of said writer and turn her or him loose. The first impulse is to laugh at the ridiculousness of the scene, or to be offended beyond all measure. Either way, normality is far from one’s assessment of the writer as one could find. Somehow, this naked writer has tapped into her or his own absurdity and channeled what emerges into wonderlands. Oh, there are agents of darkness in the works, for there are shadows, agents of darkness within each of us who write. However, they are not given the leading role. And somehow, what emerges is anything but comic. What emerges becomes an image of a better world, a believable world. With clothing abandoned, somehow there is no place for darkness to hide. The inner light of each human is able to be finally seen.

The naturist writer rejects not only clothing, she (or he) rejects all that continues to hold humanity hostage to darkness. Naturists are drawn to the light. Naturists are anarchists.

5 thoughts on “Irreverent Naturist Anarchists”

  1. Terrific post! And a very interesting naturist-anarchist symbol…! Thanks for your kind words and for sharing this alternative perspective – you’ve helped me see our work in a different light.

  2. Excellent food for thought, thanks.

    One minor quibble. I thought that the Mirror Earth series presented a very serious “snake” threat to at least one clothes-free paradise? Fortunately, good triumphed, and the snake(s) were banished.

    Considering tales of good vs evil, Damon Knight’s 1956 short story Stranger Station contains the proposition: “When two alien cultures meet, the stronger must transform the weaker with love or hate.”

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