It doesn’t happen often but Unsworth 3 is one difficult thing to write

This is how it started. A fun, historic book about the start of naturism in England, kicked off by a trip to German family.

Not long after that the second Unsworth book appeared, in which Avery shows up and makes the nude life in his area take big steps. I really liked writing this book as it seemed to flow from my fingers straight into my keyboard and from there into the readers’ eyes.

And now I am working on the third book.

That fights back. A LOT. Just some days ago I realised that I have been working on this book for over a year already, and it’s not done. That’s pretty unique for me.

Scene that could come from book 3

I’m glad that my fellow writer and word-checker, Mr Ted Bun, is so patient. For some reason this book doesn’t want to be rushed. His feedback is very valuable, and his suggestions trigger ideas that make the story move again, be it slowly at times.

I do promise that the story will get done sooner or later. With the current speed it looks more like later, but good work requires time, as my grandfather always used to say…

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