Just 2 sales and I don’t really care

Earlier this year I released a naturist crime story in Dutch. I think it is a good story, but who am I to judge that?

High Tech Investigation

I posted quite a lot about it on the Dutch side of many social media, many people ‘liked’ those posts, and so far the total number of sales is two books. And that’s okay.

Of course I would have liked to see more sales, but the fact that there were lots of people who ‘liked’ the posts tells me there are plenty of people who are open to naturism. I even posted about the book on LinkedIn and there too it got ‘likes’.

I’m pleased the book is out there. People have seen it, and every time I post about it (because I’m not giving up of course), more people will see it. I think this is a very nice, non-aggressive way to show there is more about naturism than what many people think there is.

People like Robert, Will and I, and also Ted Bun, Wallace Greensage and Nick Alimonos, to name a few, have produced lots of naturist novels. The thing with them is: they are all in English, and even though many Dutch people understand English, reading in that language is an entirely different beast. I speak several languages but when I have to read a piece of text in French or German, it tires me. Especially French, since I don’t use that a lot. That means that many Dutch people won’t even look at English books.

And for them, I wrote that book. “High-tech investigation”, as the translation would be. As far as I have discovered so far, it’s the very first in its kind. In the Netherlands I’m an unknown author; people don’t look for my name so they won’t easily stumble over this book. But, as I said, it’s out there. Once in a while someone will find and buy it. And discover something beautiful about naturism, wrapped in a story this person (hopefully) likes to read.

Paul, watching something

If I can only make one person see the wonder of being nude, that’s enough. That’s whom I wrote that book for.

As Lao Tse once wrote: “The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.” In that light, showing someone the beauty of their own body starts with the first sale. The first chapter. Hopefully the first chapter of a new life for that reader.

3 thoughts on “Just 2 sales and I don’t really care”

  1. I’m only sorry I can’t speak or read your native language because I surely would’ve read it and then told others as well.I hope it helps more people in your native land understand and hopefully try naturism.I’m only semi bilingual as I understand Spanish better than I speak it.Good luck with your latest book.

    1. Hola, señor Scott!
      Thank you for your words. I can see a future where I have translated this book into English. It won’t be hard to see more people read it in English than in Dutch (haha) but I had to try this. I know there is no other book like it in the Dutch market and now there is. It’s mine. Who knows what comes from it in some version of the future. 🙂
      Hasta la vista, mi amigo!

  2. You’re helping expand the market, Paul! Bit by bit. Thanks for all your dedication to writing, in whatever language.

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