Letting the Work Simmer


Like any creative project, the work needs to simmer in order to be ready for final touches. My life as a writer goes through cycles with undetermined and unplanned (for the most part) amount of time for each cycle. I have two unpublished novels that I have edited that are simmering. Over the past week, one of the two novels appeared in my conscious thoughts – another round of edits is going to be needed. I am removing the naturist aspect from the story because I have clarity about the audience for the story. I now that this is necessary, but it does sadden me a bit.

Letting the Paradox Simmer

And then, another idea appeared out of nowhere. What if I have two versions of the same story, for two different audiences? It was an idea that requires time to simmer before I act. In order to make that idea work, the only solution I can come up with at the moment, is to publish the naturist version with a pseudonym, such as René Beauchemin, and the non-naturist version with my real name. I have done this already with A Small Company of Pilgrims, the first book in the naturist novel series. The same story, unchanged was also published as The Half-Naked Pilgrim.

Either or? Holding the tension before deciding

That seems simple enough, however, I have come to realise that this just doesn’t cut it. Which version [author name] do I keep active. it has ramifications to my already published work, the naturist novel series. I think it would mean that I would have to discontinue [unpublish] the novels published using my real name. Both Paul and Will use pseudonyms, as do most other naturist fiction writers, so there is that.

I assume that I will continue writing both naturist and non-naturist fiction. The non-naturist fiction has the primary audience of family and friends, and for the general market for when I return to doing book-signing events. The naturist novels will continue to be focused on readers who are interested in the genre. These novels won’t be taken to national book-chain stores for sale.

Now, I invite you, our readers here, to weigh in. Pseudonym – yes or no. And, why?

6 thoughts on “Letting the Work Simmer”

  1. I would recommend a pseudonym for the reason you already laid out, Robert.
    There is a difference between the readers who will find your books in stores, and those interested in the naturist fiction genre.

    Using a pseudonym makes it easy to distinguish between the two kinds, and (for me at least) it helps separate the two styles (naturist and non-naturist) of fiction.

  2. I sat & thought about the pseudonym vs the non-pseudonym, and I have real mixed feelings about that. I find that I appreciate the author who writes under his/her own name more when the naturist topic/theme is quietly “slid into the story” without really pushing onto the reader. Is that too SLY ? It depends on the topic, the entry-way, and . . . oh so many other things. A hard & fast rule? No, Never ! How many authors slide their favorite meal / auto / type of exercise / whatever into their work ?
    Yes, really mixed feelings. Thanks for putting up with me. Pete

    1. Thank you Pete for your thoughts and words. I am trying to do both at the same time. Only time will tell if this ends well or if my writing will suffer from multiple personality disorder. LOL!

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