Life in Mexico: Writing, Revising, and Sunbathing

Yes, we are here in Mexico and writing continues to be my thing. I am not writing anything new at the moment, other than a few essay type articles that have more to do with a blend of Jungian psychology and naturism – not what anyone would call naturist fiction.

As well, I am writing more poetry. Will Forest would likely be pleased that I am re-visiting some of my older poetry and doing some editing of the poems. It is amazing what being a little older can do for a writer who looks back on what has been written.

That work of revisiting a work written is serving me well. Paul has read and edited my Nightshade Publishing Story and it has sat untouched for more than a year. I have returned to it and editing it about 1,500 words at a time, creating chapters for online publishing using Substack. The verdict from those reading the small chapters is very positive.

I will be doing more of this revisiting old stories until I am satisfied with them. As for Nightshade Publishing Company, it will be published eventually as a stand-alone book.

Of course, not all of my time is being spent as an editor of my own works. Every day we manage to walk between five and 10 kilometres with almost none of those kilometres being on flat land. The legs are getting a tough workout with major ascents and descents. About half of our distance is walked on the beach. No hills there, but a steep cant to the shoreline.

Back at our apartment which sits on the top floor of a three-storey structure, off come the clothes – okay, the skimpy swimsuits – no naturism possible on these beaches north of Puerto Vallarta. Then, it’s time for sunbathing the parts that had been hidden by our tan-through swim wear.

Then more time spent on the laptop editing before sunset and supper. That is our routine with the exception of making a relaxing day of it all by watching stories on Netflix while in bed. I know, it all sounds so boring – no parties, no snorkelling or surfing, no chasing women – yes, there are a lot of beautiful women here. After all, we are senior citizens and what needs to remain unsaid, remains locked into silence.

I will be back again from Mexico with one of the new essays that may or may not be fiction. Rest assured however, that the essay will be about naturism.

2 thoughts on “Life in Mexico: Writing, Revising, and Sunbathing”

  1. You are doing the right thing for you. Smart. Those walks sound great, Robert. Enjoy them and work those legs! Also, walks on beach sand are tougher than most people think.
    Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the writing.
    Enjoy life.

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