Life in the Tropics Getting in the Way of Writing

Street art in Olon

As you are likely aware, I am writing this post from Ecuador. It is warm, mostly sunny, and tropical. Cerveza and vino are not in any short supply, nor are a wide variety of seafoods, fruits, and vegetables. There is a 10 km long beach to walk, a wide and relatively flat beach at low tide. At times I get to skinny dip in the ocean waters, especially during the week, and sometimes I even get to do some sunbathing on the more abandoned stretches of the beach.

Street art in La Entrada

The town of Olon is where I am located. Three kilometres down the beach, a hamlet called Curia hosts a small church and a few beach bars. Another two kilometres down the beach leads to a small village called San Jose. Walking another five kilometres takes me to the end of the beach and a town called La Entrada. Typically, my wife and I walk about eight kilometres each day, sometimes more, and rarely less. A day without walking has yet to happen though we each take turns making a threat to take a day off from a minimum of three hours spent wearing as little as legally possible on the stretches of the beach.

Robert at sunset in Olon

Now, this causes a problem for me, a major problem. Where do I find time to write? I do manage to write blog posts, but even that has become hit and miss. The only productive “author” time I have spent is in editing existing work. Now, I don’t want to “dis” editing, as that is an important task for any author. However, there are so many stories waiting to be written. If I was back home on the frozen tundra of the Canadian prairies, I wouldn’t be tempted to spend so much time away from my desk. I will just have to console myself with the knowledge that someday, these tropical experiences may yet end up in one of my books.

6 thoughts on “Life in the Tropics Getting in the Way of Writing”

  1. I am certain you will survive this ordeal, Robert.
    Take in the sun and make that drip out of your fingers once you have time to hit the keyboard again. Have a good walk!

  2. I wish I had such problems. 🙂
    You could do a little research in the app stores, find yourself a nice notetaking or full dictation app, then dictate to it WHILE you walk. When you get back to desk, have it convert your spoken ideas to text and save to computer or cloud.
    Just a thought.

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