Lost and Found

Being naked on the Internet has its challenges. There are the usual risks that people fear, such as being outed to friends, family, employers and coworkers. There is the constant gaming of draconian censorship on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

But for a couple weeks here in late August into September, I felt “naked on the Internet” because I thought I had lost the content of my blog at www.nudescribe.com.

It was time to renew the domain name. But I was frustrated with Google Blogger, since they started tagging my blog with a content warning a couple years ago. I understand, now, after the fact, that I could have kept the domain name and simply changed the platform. The biggest problem, though, was that I was trying to do all this during the same week as I was getting ready to move: boxes everywhere, address changes, documents to prepare and sign for the move, etc. etc. In the end, I found it very difficult to concentrate on what I was doing. No surprise, huh?

So I did what I thought I needed to do to migrate to WordPress. When the domain expired, and nothing happened, I panicked. Fellow naturist fiction writer Paul helped me understand how I might be able to find the content. It turned out that finding it was easy – it was all still there on Blogger. Migrating it to WordPress was easy too, but the new problem is the permalinks. I suspect there was a step I missed before I did the migration, and that now it’s too late to fix the links. I hope that isn’t true.  I can find all sorts of YouTube videos in the search for answers, but, as usual, they all show older versions of WordPress.

Does anyone reading this have any advice re. permalinks?

Also, I wanted to upload images for this post but something is going on with that particular procedure, as well. Ah, technology….

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found”

  1. Will, what is (or will be your new web address? The url I have for your blogger site no longer works for me.

    1. It’s nudescribe.wordpress.com. This is the problem that I’m having – that I can’t get permalinks to redirect…

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