May the force be with you. No, this is not about Star Wars.

May the force be with you

May the force be with you

As I added the image up here, I had to chuckle. May… This is actually the first post in May. And so I digress before I get to the meat of this post. I hope you chuckled with me.

Social distancing. It requires force. And books.

As we all are aware by now (okay, since too long already), it gets hard at times to stay inside, to keep away from others. For some it’s easier, for some it’s harder.

It’s a good thing there are books. To read and to write. Many people have only a few other options, apart from perhaps board games and television (and more frequent trips to the fridge? 😉 )

So when is the science fiction starting?

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A while ago, on twitter, someone asked me if there would be a fourth Mirror Earth book.


People shouldn’t ask such things. Such questions make my mind run around the first three books and explore possibilities, options, ways around/through/into it. Originally, after book 3, I had the idea that the set was complete. However, the tweeting person asking, kept at it, so in the end I had to reply this:

There might be a hint of a hypothetical, theoretical possibility...
There might be a hint of a hypothetical, theoretical possibility…

This response was interpreted as “A definite yes.”

I am not that sure yet, but I can say that I’m exploring possibilities. Breaking open a box of stuff that’s been closed for a while might bring some strange surprises, so that is not something I want to venture into too lightly.

I’m quite aware that more people than just this one person would like to see another Mirror Earth book. Since this twitter exchange happened, thoughts and ideas have been swirling around in my head. I’ve been taking notes, looking at the previous books and discarding ideas that simply won’t work.

Mirror Earth Network cover

I am curious where this simple question is going to lead me.

What would this story be about? More mirror earths? Can we go back to ‘our’ earth for something?

Writing science fiction has a lot to do with writing fantasy stories. After all, you’re imagining things. But scifi has restrictions that fantasy doesn’t have. It has to be “credible” in some fashion or other.

So even after this post, I’m not making promises. I’ll stick to the definite maybe for now, and see what happens in the future.

And as far as staying inside and social distancing is concerned:

May the force be with you.

6 thoughts on “May the force be with you. No, this is not about Star Wars.”

  1. I very much enjjoyed your mirror earth books and your other sifi books and like see more like it

  2. Just finished the last Unsworth Manor book and could use something now to cheer me up again. Nudes in Space episode two – the textiles strike back or more of the Murphys would be appreciated. But please restrain from killing the main protegonists, let them live “happily ever after”.

    1. Dear Michael,
      I am currently working on the next Murphys story, as well as the next Emma Nelson story. And maybe you missed it, but there is a definite chance (more like very probably reality) that a fourth Mirror Earth book is coming too.
      Honestly, I am a bit surprised that so many requests come up for a follow-up to “Nude in Space”. I am definitely going to look into that, but I don’t want to start too many new stories, because then nothing will get done!
      I do want to let you know that Naked Crow book 9 is currently in edit mode, with Will Forest.
      And I promise I will try not to kill the nice guys any more!!

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