Mirror Earth 4 happened. To my surprise.

Mirror Earth
Mirror Earth

I’m quite certain that some followers of this blog are familiar with the cover on the left. The idea for that book came to me… way back in 2015.

That’s quite a bit of time. Two more books came after that and that was it. I thought. Until people asked if there could be another book.

I’m always fearful of writing another book ‘by request’. No, definitely not because the request is silly. A request like that is a huge compliment to the writer and his work, don’t get me wrong.

It’s just that I write most easily when an idea comes from inside, from within me. A request from outside is an ‘external’ form of inspiration and that frightens me a bit. Yes, dear reader, I’m not a fearless fighter of words. I can get worried about stuff, even in stories.

(Warning. Spoiler ahead.)

Mirror Earth 4 didn’t seem like a viable option because in book 3, Mirror Earth Network, things seemed to be definitely ‘done’. See in what clever way I avoid a spoiler here?


As you can see, that was a smart move, because a spoiler at that spot makes no sense at all. Just so we’re all clear on that. Aren’t you glad I warned you of an upcoming spoiler?

Right. Where were we. Okay. Mirror Earth. I kept thinking about the possibility to open that rabbit hole again and wouldn’t you know it, I fell in. I had to go back and meet all the folks from back then again. Figure out where I dumped them and if they’d still be there. And then I started jotting down some ideas. And a first paragraph. And a second. And I won’t keep adding that here, because I ended up with lots of them, and many chapters.

After that, Will was so generous to spend some time on finding the bad stuff (and did I make him regret that! LOL! πŸ˜‰ )

Mirror Earth Network cover

I can’t show you a cover for book 4 yet, simply because that doesn’t exist yet, so here’s the cover for number 3. I’m about to get into the nitty-gritty of looking at Will’s suggestions to improve the story, his remarks on what’s good, bad, unclear or funny.

But rest assured: book 4 is coming. And just to get your hopes up: after this one there might also be a part 5, but that’s up for grabs so far. No promises.

Until Mirror Earth 4, “Title Unknown” comes out, you might like to grab Aglow (again), one of Will’s fine productions, or a book from the RenΓ© Beauchemin series, created by Robert.

We’ll keep you busy!

Have a good day, everyone, and please: stay safe. And naked.


4 thoughts on “Mirror Earth 4 happened. To my surprise.”

  1. I can’t wait. Any chance it might have a transgender woman named Marie Willa? πŸ˜‰

  2. What a wonderful coincidence! I just finished the series a few days ago. I noticed you had left the door open for a possible next book at the end of Mirror Earth Network. I had hopes… lol!

    Perhaps we’ll find out how Chen & Zoe are finding life on the alternate earth? Especially after their rather abrupt entrance to it! Maybe Denise, too.

    At the end of Book One, I too would definitely have chosen to stay. If Heaven isn’t a lot like that (less the dinos maybe) I ain’t goin’!

    I’d have definitely chosen to stay on CX 298 as well.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the series and recommended it to several friends.

    The Emma Nelson series was my introduction to your work, and I was hooked.

    Starting on the Naked Crow series now.

    Anyway, thank you for your wonderful stories.

    New River, AZ

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