Multitasking? Why that?

Yes. I’m multitasking. First of all in what I’m doing now in the naturist fiction realm.

At this moment I’m not writing one, but three books. One is, almost of course, part 7 of the Naked Crow series. Sheila and her friends aren’t done with me yet. Or am I not done with them? Regardless, that keeps going as long as there is something to write about. There is something I want to add to the book but I’m still waiting on an approval to use the subject at hand, so I’m careful in progressing with that story.


The other 2 books

The second story, a new science fiction, revolves around aliens. It’s an interesting story to write, the more as I’m writing the entire first version on my phone. There’s a reason to that, otherwise I wouldn’t put myself through this. And in case you wonder why I chose this particular image: the story has to do with it. (Now there’s a surprise, right?)

Then there’s a third story, which – oh shock – is a mystery / crime scene story. I think that’s all I’m going to say about that for the moment. Crime stuff and thrillers are totally not my thing, but this book told me it wanted me to write it so…

The other side of me

But that is not the end to my multitasking. I’m having a second personality in writing that has nothing to do with naturist fiction. Naked Crow 6 - Hidden VillageIn fact I wrote fantasy and science fiction, and even a bit of Steampunk (yes, do hit that link if you don’t know Steampunk). It was only after reading a first naturism oriented book (which, I must say, was a great story but totally poorly written or not edited at all), that I had the idea of writing my first naturism story. The original Naked Crow story.

Before Naked Crow I solely wrote textile stories. Lots of them. My favourite is a series (now 21 volumes) about a wicked witch. The first books aren’t that good (that’s why they’re free). Those were my first steps into the world of writing. And don’t be fooled, despite the subject these books aren’t meant to be children’s books. The witch has quite a big mouth and an attitude to match.

Fun has to be had

A while ago, when I was away for a week, I had some time to think about all this writing and the two sides of my existence, the textile writing and the naturist writing. Up to that point I thought it was good to keep the two separate. Now I am not so certain. Hence this article. A first step.

Maybe there are some stories from my textile hand that you like, so I’ll just leave this here. (It’s a link to my other website, nothing lethal!)

Yes, I like to write. Both sides of it, naturist and textile. Both sides have their good things. But… I have to admit… the naturist side of writing life has become much more appealing to me, especially since I got to know Will and Robert, two writers I really feel a connection to. And a website., in case you wonder which one. 😀


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