Naked Crow. Book 11.


It is going to happen soon. I hope to have the e-book all set up this coming week, and then I can push it to the ‘availability zones’ all over the world.

Okay, this sounds much more dramatic than it actually is, but the new book will be out there in a matter of days, if I can make it all work.

Naked Crow 11 – Jinn

Yes. Someone is going to face a Jinn. Or a Djinn, if you prefer. Or even a genie. And this is not your average, fun-loving genie, like Jeannie. (You may not be old enough to remember that series on TV, though!)

This Jinn is quite the character. How did it get here? Why is it here? And will Acaraho and Coahoma be able to help?

Those questions, and a few more details, bits and bobs, will become clear throughout the story.

So, all the fans of ‘Naked Crow’ Sheila will be up for a new adventure soon.

The fans of Emma Nelson will have to wait a bit longer, but a new story for her and Jeff is underway as well.

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