Naked Nanowrimo

Yes. This might get boring.

As does Robert, I’m participating in the crazy thing called Nanowrimo this year.

Contrary to Robert, though, I’m working on (hopefully) completing a naturist production. For now it goes by the working title “Naked Crow 10”, because I don’t have a proper title for it. I also can’t show you a proper cover for it, because, indeed, there isn’t one yet.

Naked Crow book 1
Naked Crow, book 1

I still clearly remember the start of the Naked Crow series. I had read a naturist fiction fantasy/scifi book which wasn’t very good. Oh, the story and the plot were great, the writing was intriguing, but there were so many errors and mistakes, and in places paragraphs seemed to be out of place/time/order, that I had the idea that I could do better.

It was during a vacation on Fuerteventura. I sat on the balcony of the hotel, avoiding the extremes of the early afternoon sun, when Sheila “came to me”. There was no plan, no plot, I just started writing and let my fingers do the work as more and more scenes rolled out in front of my inner eye.

By the end of the vacation, most of the story was done.

And now I’m working on the tenth book. This is crazy, people. I’m very happy, surprised, honoured and also humbled by the many positive comments around the book that turned into a series. Please let me know when you get tired of Sheila’s adventures and her friends. I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. 😉

I’m cutting this post short, because the more time I spend on this, the less time I have to complete Naked Crow 10.

Stay safe, everyone. And happy reading!

Paul writing in the nude

11 thoughts on “Naked Nanowrimo”

  1. Definitely not tired of Sheila and her friends.It’s good learning about her friends as more accept and in some cases embrace and try naturism.As long as you have ideas and enjoy creating more stories,no reason it has to end.You’ll know when it’s time.

  2. We are from the USA, but we are spending two years inCosta Rica. We have started our second year here!

  3. That sounds great I have all the Naked Crow books and an looking forward to reading it. I also have your other naturist books and love them all. I’m looking forward to any additions to them or anything new. I really enjoy your writing.

  4. I LOVE naturist fiction. It’s not nasty or dirty, it’s just good clean nudist stories. Why shouldn’t there be more stories like these?

  5. How could Paul think this “might get boring”?

    It’s clear many people – not just me and the others who comment here – find Paul’s published work, and his blogging, far from boring.

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