NaPoWriMo = GloPoWriMo

I have to admit that I have been a bit lost in action which accounts for this post being a bit late. One of the projects which have been occupying my time, aside from flying back home to Canada from Ecuador, is a poetry project that happens every April. In the past, I have ended up producing three poetry books called the Naked Poetry Series. The covers for these books are seen above.

Meditation with Buddha

On Monday, when I should have posted here, I wrote the following poem called Meditation With Buddha. I took the photo first, then edited the photo. I want softer images that are based on reality. Yet the images must also evoke something more, something that rises above prosaic reality. Why? I intend on producing a poetry anthology of new and old poems which I hope are worth sharing. I want to continue using photos with the poems. I am using Kahlil Gibran’s book, The Prophet as an example of using images with poems. And like Gibran, the images are naturist in intent. So, now that you know what the intention is, here is the poem to go with the image.

Meditation with Buddha


taking the seat

legs folded

forearms resting on knees

eyes close

focused on the breath

a thought intrudes

the breath is forgotten

though the body holds still

the mind betrays the intention

wrestling with a return

to stillness

to mindfulness

is rewarded

as I follow

a new breath in

and then out

a passing cloud

and a stirring breeze



a monkey mind

that revels

in being released

all while Buddha

sits unperturbed

and silent

R.G. Longpré, April 8, 2019

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