Naturism Has Already Been Co-opted.

Paul talked about how the word lifestyle has been co-opted by the swinger group in order to paint their philosophy in a more positive light. The word naturist itself is also being co-opted. The term “naturist” has been co-opted by various groups and individuals for a range of different reasons, which can have negative consequences for the naturist community and the general public.

Some tourist destinations and travel companies have started promoting “naturist” holidays that involve clothing-free sunbathing and swimming. While these holidays may be popular with some travelers, they do not necessarily reflect the values and principles of naturism. By using the term “naturist” to describe these holidays, travel companies may be creating confusion and misunderstandings about what naturism truly represents.

In addition, the pornography industry has also been known to co-opt the term “naturist” to promote adult websites that feature explicit sexual content. This use of the term is harmful to the naturist community, as it equates naturism with pornography and undermines the true values and principles of the lifestyle.

According to a report by The Naturist Society, there has been an increase in the use of the word “naturist” in the titles of adult websites that feature explicit sexual content. This use of the term is misleading and harmful to the naturist community, as it equates naturism with pornography and undermines the true values and principles of the naturist lifestyle.

In addition, a study by researchers at the University of Montreal found that the use of the term “naturist” in adult websites has increased significantly in recent years, and that this trend is likely to continue. The study also noted that this co-opting of the term can create confusion and misunderstandings for those who are interested in exploring naturism as a legitimate and meaningful practice.

This trend is not limited to the adult industry. In an article for The Guardian, author Brigid Delaney describes how the term “naturist” has been used by companies to promote clothing-free events and activities that are not actually related to naturism, such as naked yoga and nude art classes. This dilution of the term can lead to a lack of understanding about what naturism truly represents and can undermine the efforts of those who are committed to promoting naturism as a legitimate and meaningful practice.

Now, with all of that said, I am now questioning myself. I mean, it isn’t like any language is set in stone [with the exception of dead languages]. Language is a living and breathing aspect of the people who use the language. Does it matter if words we use get co-opted? I get the sense that to hold to tightly to a word is akin to being a fundamentalist who is stuck on one version of reality and wants to force others to adhere to to that version of reality. Ugh!

As for my naturist stories, it is rare that the word naturist is actually used. After all, it is up to the reader to resonate or reject the actual story based on its content, quality, and message. Tagging the story with the word naturist is all about marketing, in my opinion. It at least orients readers looking for a particular kind of story, obviously one that has some or most of the characters often clothing free.

I remember reading books that had nudity, Robert Heinlein books come to mind. It didn’t matter to me that they weren’t tagged as naturist science fiction. And, if they had been tagged as such, it wouldn’t have mattered. A good book is a good book.

7 thoughts on “Naturism Has Already Been Co-opted.”

  1. Interesting points you make, Robert.
    Some of my books also don’t even reference the word ‘naturist’ or ‘naturism’, and their meaning is clear enough.

    Sometimes it’s inevitable (for me), like “Naked Crow” Sheila, who works at a naturist resort.

    But yes, a good book is a good book.

  2. Good post. Agreed – naturist content can be present with or without the word “naturist.”
    The co-opting of the word reminds me of a time decades ago when just about anything liquid and fruity could be sold as “juice” until the government stepped in and specified a meaning for the word, at least as far as markets in the US. Also words like “organic” and etc. Wouldn’t it be great if we had something like “certified 100% naturist”? Lol. It would also help clear up the comical confusion on the part of many nudie newbies deeming themselves “naturalists.”

    1. I have noticed the “naturalist” term as well. I also remember the word hippy was co-opted by advertisers to sell all sorts of stuff. That’s the way of the world and part of a vibrant language.

  3. The trouble is that most humans in most parts of the world have been conditioned to believe the lie that “NUDITY = SEX = SIN”. (Yes, I meant to yell that! It gets yelled at us a lot whether they use those words or others.) The co-opting of the word *naturist* only reinforces this mindset.

    Somehow we’ve got to subvert this mindset by getting people to ask what else can be done while naked…

    1. This opens up an interesting approach. When people do comment on someone being naked, hence being sexual, a good question would be: “In what way do you consider me sexual?”

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