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Something in the air for a Naturist author

My Naturist Fiction story that has been sitting abandoned for many months, Just ask Paul, he got to read the first two chapters at some point in the distant past. It must be something in the air, for my naked aliens from outer space story has found a new life. In a matter of just a few days, I have raced on, nearing the end of Chapter 8. These aliens are beings that have no use for any clothing, other than when forced to deal with the lack of atmosphere when transiting between spaceships and a number of off-planet bases. And of course, they do wear clothing when they have to deal with humans. As I see these characters, they seem to have more common sense than I do. I mean, here I am in the middle of winter challenging the fact of cold and snow. Sanity as a writer might be over rated. An author needs to be able to get out of his or her skin [and clothes] in order to create naturist characters for naturist fiction.

Same idea, just without the hair.

Back to my latest Naturist Fiction work. These aliens who are the main characters will be returning to Earth to engage in a series of actions that are intended to save humans from their own self-destructive tendencies. I will refrain from disclosing more of the story, mainly because the Muse has not privileged me with that much information. The story only gets revealed on a “need-to-know” basis. Now there is something that I can tell you about a few of these naked aliens. They have blue skin, pointed ears, and can swim under the surface of the water for extended periods of time, the normal kind of stuff one expects from extra-terrestrials. Unlike the blue-skinned aliens in Avatar, my aliens don’t have hair follicles. They are the original smooth naturists.

Another interesting note, several of these characters use names of my older grandsons and one of their real-life girlfriends. Naturally, I asked them if this would be a problem, especially because of the nudity. My grandsons are not naturists, at least not yet. Nope. Not a problem at all. Only one request was given, to include a friend as one of the antagonists. I readily agreed. The young man in question is used to me beating up on him on the golf course. For some reason, I psych him out and he plays terribly though he is much, much better as a golfer. That should form part of his character in the story … I think. As I said above, it remains to be seen.

Naked Poetry Books

It’s one of my greatest victories [not the golf wins] to know that my grandchildren still respect me despite my being “different.” The grew up with my books in their homes, including the Naked Poetry books which are illustrated with naturist photos. Those books were never hidden, nor were they ever discouraged from looking at them. Interesting when you realise that the cover images of their grandmother and grandfather depict naturism. I originally thought my children would have kept these books out of reach, but they chose to place them in full view of the children as well as any company that entered their homes.

Talking about grandchildren and books, my only granddaughter will be turning four in March. My wife and I collaborated on selecting photos of the little darling so that a birthday book could be made. The book is produced and is in hardcover, all homemade. The girl loves books and makes us read to her whenever we get to visit [we miss visiting because of Covid19]. She also begs for me to take out my tablet to show her photos of her and her siblings – parents as well as long as she’s in the picture.

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  1. Huum. Aliens who believe in being true to their nature. Could they be our long lost cousins?

    1. A few changes to the first few chapters and many more words since then. Now at 20K. Just let me know if you want to read along as I write. 🙂

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