Naturist fiction – and the other kind

Most of you know me as a writer of naturist fiction and that is good. I love writing naturist fiction and I prefer to do that naturist style.

The first lines of the first naturist story I wrote while on a vacation. That is how the Naked Crow series was born.

Before I set off on that journey, I had been writing for lots of years already. Indeed, non-naturist fiction. Just before writing this post, I was thinking about that. Writing has always given me a lot of joy and that started a long time ago. That was when my mother let me read one of her books and I asked if I could have it. She said no, so my Dad gave me an old typewriter and said I should copy the story. Which I did. All 300 pages.

Office-grade typewriter.

Then I had an idea because there was something in one of the chapters that I didn’t like, so I rewrote that chapter.

That started my journey in writing and until now I have not regretted that.

I am still writing non-naturist fiction because it’s fun to do and I have many dedicated readers to several fun fantasy-series, but I have noticed lately that writing naturist fiction is better. It feels closer to my heart and skin (literally even), more rewarding. I can’t really explain what triggers that, it is something inside. As if I am liberating words the same way I liberate my body when I throw my clothes aside.

Paul writing in the nude

I think I once mentioned already that writing naturist fiction happens best when in ‘naturist mode’ (a.k.a. clothes-free). That feeling or notion seems to get stronger as I go along. It’s not surprising, but I am very aware of how that happens, how free I feel when I unleash the words onto the screen. Sometimes it feels as if my mind can ‘breathe words’ more clearly when I’m not wearing anything. It’s fascinating how all these things tie together when I step back and look at them from a distance.

It’s clear that ‘mens sana in corpore sano‘ (a healthy mind in a healthy body) happens almost by itself when a person is naked without any pretenses but to be naked and free. I have heard this from many sides already so there has to be a touch of truth and validity in that.

And if there isn’t then I simply ignore that lack of truth and I carry on writing. Naked. Healthy. And happy.

6 thoughts on “Naturist fiction – and the other kind”

  1. I read a sample of “Naked Crow” not long ago on Goodreads, and really liked it. I want to read the entire series!

    My wife, and I are both bestselling, award-winning authors. We are also home naturists. So far, neither of us has written any specifically naturist fiction. But I have a couple of ideas that are trying to form.

    That said, what are the submission guidelines for Naturist Fiction? If/when I have something suitable, how do I submit it to you? Or if it’s published somewhere else, would Naturist Fiction still be interested in displaying it for sale?

    1. Hello Scott,

      Apologies for not getting in touch sooner. Naturist Fiction is not a webshop that offers books for sale. It is a cooperation site from Robert, Will and myself, to talk about naturist fiction and things that keep our minds going around the subject.

  2. I am new to naturism and am left to wonder what defines naturist fiction.

    On one of the social media sites I frequent, the chat box was often full of statements such as “I went for a…” naked walk, naked swim, naked tennis game, naked nap, naked drive, etc. It seemed to me that in the context of a naturism site, 99% of the occurrences of the word “naked” were superfluous, adding nothing to the message being conveyed. The use of the word “naked” served to set the activity apart from what was normal and integrated into the commenter’s life rather than to make it seem natural and expected.

    I have also seen short pieces of fiction where the frequent use of the word “naked” or its synonyms was the only thing that distinguished the writing from similar pieces written by non-naturists.

    This brings me back to the question, “What is naturist fiction?”

    1. Hello Han,

      For me, Naturist fiction is the kind of fiction that treats naturism as something normal and also focusses on it in writing.
      I have the same sentiment about the many ‘naked’ references on naturist/nudist social media. The people there all have the desire to be nude in common, so it would make more sense if they talked about activities and add if they did them clothed.

    2. Han, you have asked some very vital questions. Naturist fiction [check out both Paul’s and Will’s books for examples] use naturism and nudity as a backdrop for the most part. When the characters are out of their clothing, a fact either obvious or stated, the story continues with the nudity serving a role, perhaps sociological, perhaps psychological. “I naked this …” or “He, naked that …” is possibly still naked fiction written with a different reader/writer purpose. It all comes down to the tale being told.

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