Nudity, books and pets

I have no idea where this post is going because I am very upset and sad.

Last week I had to let one of my dear cats go. She was ill and nothing we (the vet and I) did brought any relief. She was 15 years old, save a month.

This is (was… 🙁 ) Grimalkin. Grim for friends. She and her brother Obsidian (Obsi) moved in little over 7 years ago after I rescued them from a shelter. (Please, if you want to get a pet cat or dog, visit a shelter first. Lots of loving furry friends are waiting for their golden home.)

Sorry… had to wipe my eyes dry…

The great thing about pets is that they don’t give a damn about if or how you’re dressed. As long as you’re there for them and they’re comfortable, they’re happy. Which works when you want to be there and nude and happy too.

Grim loved lying next to me while I was writing. She was also very good in making sure I wouldn’t sit for too long as she would simply walk over the keyboard and somehow make me put the computer to the side. Not a small feat for a tiny cat; she weighed around 3.5 kilos (I think that’s 7lbs), but she managed it.

I hate the fact that she is no longer here, but letting her go was the only option left. We should not let any living being suffer if the outlook is dark or painful.

I’m going to miss that little cat for a long, long time. Miss feeling that paw against my leg and scratching her behind the ears, hearing her purr like crazy.

7 thoughts on “Nudity, books and pets”

  1. So sorry. I can’t say I know how you feel. I can only say I know what it is like. With Love.

  2. Nice tribute to your beloved fur baby.Thanks to you she had a good long life.I can tell you from pet sitting my sister’s cats and dog it’s true they don’t care what you wear.In fact,they know if I fully dress then that means I’m going somewhere.Sometimes I get a look from one of them as if to say,”Oh,you’re leaving again,huh?”
    Hopefully,time and Obsi can help you heal.Best wishes,Paul.

  3. Sorry for your loss. We had our lovely cat from a kitten in a rescue centre for 19 yrs and had to euthenaise her when she had a stroke. Yes they are real family and don’t judge you for what you wear or don’t wear. Time will heal!

  4. My sympathies. It is the long accumulation of pleasures great and small which make the loss so painful.

    Does something count as “clothing” when it is placed on one’s thighs so that a cat on the lap doesn’t keep inflicting punctures? Cats just cannot understand why a human doesn’t regard their kneading and claw-flexing as pleasurable!

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