Paul Z. Walker

I write books. Well, that should be obvious by now, I think. 🙂 After writing ‘textile’ books for a long time, I decided to try my hand at naturist fiction. That evolved into the first Naked Crow book, a fantasy-genre story. I honestly was very surprised (but pleased) that so many people enjoyed the adventure of Sheila Williams. So much even that I had to write a second one.

Since fantasy is a big like of mine, and I am also into science fiction, I wrote “Nude in Space“, my first naturist scifi. That too had good comments (for which I am grateful as I am aware that’s not the best story…) Naked Crow grew and new science fictions, in the Mirror Earth set, appeared. Then the big challenge arose: a historical naturist novel. It was a trip through the badlands for me as I was new to historical fiction. Let me say I am no longer new to this. It was a lot of work, I went through a tonne of research, but the book got written…