Podcast surprise

Yes, you read that well.


I was contacted by Earl from ClothesFreeLife if I would be interested in being interviewed for his new podcast, Nu Gymnosophy.

The Nu Gymnosophy podcast

Having never been on a podcast, I thought this might be a fun experience, the more as the topic was “naturist fiction”, and my role in that. (I feel bad for tooting my own horn, sorry.)

The interview went very well. Earl is a nice person to chat with, and before the actual “take” we had fun exchanging our experiences about the early steps into cyberspace, with stuff like bulletin boards, dial-up modems and, dare I say it, Compuserve.

The chat went well, and we covered a lot of writing ground, which also included this very website you’re reading this on.

At this moment I have no idea when the podcast will actually be published; there has to be a lot of editing and post processing involved, but I will shout about it on Twitter as soon as I find out more.

And talking about naturist fiction itself, does anyone have a beaten-up spaceship lying around? I feel I need one for the cover of Mirror Earth 4. Because yes, work on that is also progressing. I hope to publish that “soon”, whenever that is!

Paul, vague

Stay safe, everyone.

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