Read a Brief History of Naturism in Fiction

Dear readers, for today’s post I feel compelled to direct you to an excellent article that came out last week on the Planet Nude Substack platform. The guest writer, Bruce Dean, has put together an admirably pithy summary of the growth of naturism in fiction, and as he points out in the conclusion, “Naturism in fiction has a larger and more focused presence than ever before”!

Click here to read the article.

Planet Nude, founded in January of this year by Evan Nix, is an excellent source for nude news, opinion and forum. Subscribe and support!

The Jungle Book characters illustrated by John Lockwood Kipling. Source.

1 thought on “Read a Brief History of Naturism in Fiction”

  1. Thanks for that link! It is an awesome read.
    We’re doing something, and lovin’ it.
    (And it’s much healthier than McD.)

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