Reading heals

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Have you ever had the need to pick up a book, be it physical or in an e-reader, just to get away from the world and all that throws at you?

I have. I still do at times, because I need that time ‘away’ from ‘things’. Life is urgent, rushed, speeding by ever faster.

I don’t know about you (I’d love to hear), but reading is my escape. Music is another one, but reading is the easiest. My theremin requires electricity, as does the MicroFreak, and I doubt many people will appreciate me playing my Native American flute.

So a book it is. Easy to transport, easy to open, and these days even phones have tonnes of apps for bookstores to pull a book in and continue reading.

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Details left out, but I’ve had a lot of crap happening in my life. I bet at least two other people, reading this, are nodding right now. Crap won’t solve itself. You have to take it by the horns, balls, tail, whatever your preference, and tackle it. But at times, you’re just out of juice, energy, power. That’s the time where you need the escape.

My escape is a book. I don’t consider that ‘running away’ from a problem. I know the problem is still there, and it needs to be dealt with, but there are moments a person has to put in that time-out, to recharge. To heal.

Because that’s important. And it’s sad that lots of people don’t seem to know that.

Take time for your escape. Grab a book. Hide elsewhere.


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  1. This is why I read a Hilda-book again now and then and the books of Tolkien, etc.

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