Reading non-naturist fiction

Yes. This might come as a shock.

I do read fiction that is not naturist based. Why, you may ask, why that? Have you read everything in your own naturist library already?

Let me be blunt about this. No. I haven’t.

And the reason is that not all the stories and books in there are my taste of reading. I’m into fantasy and science fiction, and steampunk (I wonder if there could be a naturist steampunk story somehow – brain, shut up!). Sorry about that. Sometimes my brain makes itself known.

Naked alien hunter. (Found at

The thing is that there is so much more non-naturist fiction in “my” genres out there that I keep falling back to that arena. Which is a good thing, I think. That gives me more ideas on how to weave my stories, new concepts come from them, and as I read those, I can already picture in my mind how those situations might play out in a naturist setting.

That way I feel I have the best of both worlds. I can dive in the vast oceans of writing that exists all around us, everywhere, and I can transform many of those ‘waters’ into the ones where skinny dippers and other naked people find pleasure.

Naturist cyborg creation.

And in that way I can build more elaborate worlds, areas and people. I admit that not all ideas work in a naturist setting, especially those in outer space scifi where people simply can’t survive without bulky suits and oxygen boxes, but there is so much more to explore.

For me, and as a result also for you!

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2 thoughts on “Reading non-naturist fiction”

  1. I’m glad that I found your web site! I volunteer at American Nudist Research Library┬«, Inc. in Kissimmee, FL and I’m always looking for book suggestions.

    1. Hi Bob, and welcome to Naturist Fiction.

      Maybe this link is also helpful to you:
      There, on my personal naturist site, I maintain a list of naturist writing (fiction and non-fiction). There are over 150 publications listed at the moment.
      It would be great if we could help each other out in this way. ­čÖé


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