Redneck Games

Redneck Games – Toilet Seat Toss

I am attempting to write a short story that takes place at a fictional naturist campgrounds. At the naturist campgrounds that I have visited and is my home club, there is an annual event called the Redneck Games, that are held on a long weekend in the second half of the summer. The setting is the present and someplace in Canada in the middle of summer, just as the pandemic is retreating. The following is the introduction to the story which I hope to include in an upcoming anthology of short stories falling under the title of Holiday in the Nudist Colony.

“I’m sick and tired of being afraid of the damned virus,” Alan pronounced as he sat in his rocking chair on the back deck looking out at the yard. “I love our garden, don’t get me wrong, but enough is enough!”

Redneck Games – Hubcap Hurl

Anne nodded her head in agreement. Despite the pandemic, they had fared well over the past year and a half. They had even been able to visit their grandchildren a few times between waves of the pandemic. Both her and her husband had received their second vaccine and were studiously watching the news to track the numbers of others getting vaccinated. There was finally a reason for hope that life would soon be back to normal, at least some sort of normal.

“I just got an email from Janice at the club,” Anne replied. “There’s going to be a Welcome Back Weekend. Janice is hopeful that the announcement lifting the pandemic measures will come within the next two weeks. The event is being scheduled for the August long weekend, which is six weeks away.”

“About damn time. I miss hanging out with the crowd at Sunny Green Acres.”

“Janice also mentioned that only those fully vaccinated will be allowed entry onto the grounds. She hopes that it will be enough encouragement for the vaccine resistant group to do their part.”

“You mean, Bill and Candace along with their redneck buddies. Good luck with that. In my opinion, the place will be better off without them!” Alan pronounced.


Redneck Games – Mud Pit Belly Flop

As Janice had predicted, the province had lifted the pandemic measures. For the past month, life had tentatively begun to open to the possibility of being safe in public places. The country had opened its borders allowing people to travel out-of-country once again. Anne and Alan had taken a road trip to see Anne’s sister in the neighbouring province. The only thing that caused a bit of stress during the trip was eating out at restaurants which had become very busy. Yet, bit by bit, the two of them had begun to relax. Neither were ready to become tourists and be surrounded by strangers. ‘After all’, as Alan would point out, ‘you never know who was vaccinated and who wasn’t.’

“The camper is packed,” Anne announced unnecessarily as Alan had finally placed the last item she had given him, into the trailer’s small refrigerator.

Redneck Games – Armpit Serenade

Up and down the streets of their small town, other camping trailers were being prepped for a trip to some lake or riverside campgrounds. The August long weekend saw almost everyone vacate the town. Most would travel less than a hundred kilometres to find their campsite. Some would travel several hours to a northern lake, and a few would begin a cross-country adventure with new campgrounds to be discovered along the way. Alan and Anne had a four-hour drive to reach Sunny Green Acres. No one else in the town was aware that the campgrounds were for naturists. ‘Somethings you just don’t advertise,’ was Alan’s belief.

“I’ll go fill up the gas tank and get the tires checked,” Alan advertised.

“Stop at the store and pick up a few bottles of wine,” Anne instructed her husband, giving him a knowing grin.

“Maybe I should pick up a few of those vodka and fruit juice coolers as well,” he added giving his wife a playful leer.


Redneck Games – Skinny Dipping

Anne rushed from the cab of the pickup truck to embrace her best friend, Janice. Anne was still wearing a sun dress while Janice wore only a pair of flipflops along with a wide-brimmed hat. Alan got out of the truck to shake Ken’s hand and to give Janice a hug. Ken was Janice’s significant other.

“Glad that the two of you made it safely,” said Ken. “Here, I’ll help you get your trailer parked,” he offered. “Janice made sure that no one parked in your regular site.”

“Thanks, Ken.”

It took a bit of alternate backing up and then pulling forward until Anne was satisfied with the trailer’s position. Then, it was only a matter of securing the trailer’s position and making sure it was level before Anne entered the trailer and shucked off her light dress. Alan didn’t wait until he was inside the trailer as he took off his button-down shirt and shorts. He tossed them onto the passenger seat of his truck and followed Ken to the clubhouse.

A banner was draped across the front of the clubhouse advertising the weekend celebrations called the Redneck Games.


Be ready for the anthology of nudist stories to appear at an eBook store near you.

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  1. This made me laugh, and think of many songs by Jeff Foxworthy.
    I know he’s not everyone’s cuppa Joe, but thank you!

  2. Hey Robert, if yer a Canuck, speak Canajun, eh? “Be ready for the anthology of nudist stories to appear at an eh-Book store near you”.

    Looking forward to it. 😉

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