Research for stuff that doesn’t exist

Yes. Leave that to me.

Naked Crow 5 - Shadow Dancer

In this case I’m talking about the ninth Naked Crow book that’s in the making.

As usual, Sheila and company are getting in difficult waters (and on them). I looked for a long time to find the right kind of misery to show up and that worked pretty well.

Now I am entering the stage where steps can be taken to undo the misery, but for that you need to know the target. And the target, as in so many of my stories, doesn’t really exist.

It’s difficult to do research on myths and folk tales. Look it up on Wikipedia and you will quite often end up with 3 versions of a solution. Dig a little deeper into the folklore and the choices are even more abundant.

It is entertaining though. The more I look through all those options, the clearer a picture of the mischievous creature or entity becomes. And that is good. Important. It helps in understanding what it is, where it comes from and most importantly: what its weaknesses are. Because those are what I need to help Sheila battle the monsters I serve up for her.

In addition to that, it’s always a bit of a challenge to incorporate nudity in that mix. After all, Naked Crow is naturist fiction and what is naturist fiction without naturism?

This time that part is even more challenging than usual, because in this book, ice and cold will be involved. And if there are somethings that not all naturists like, it’s ice and cold.

Are you curious how this will unfold?

Well… so am I…

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