Storms on the Grasslands – Part Three

René at the edges of the storm.

As René approached the cabin, he heard a vehicle coming down the gravelled trail, almost certain that Angela was driving.

“Well don’t just stand there,” Jacques chirped. “Go meet her so we can finally get started.”

René wasted no time as he strode quickly to the front of the cabin, getting there just moments before Angela arrived. She parked the car and soon was out of the door with a worried look on her face.

“You’re alright?” Were the first words she spoke with evident relief. “I was so worried when Jacques said I had to hurry to be here. I thought you must’ve had some kind of accident.”

Wrapping his arms around his new wife, René gave her a brief smile before speaking, “I love you too. As for Jacques, he’s not the only one with some explaining to do. Fred is here and so is Hugh.” René and Angela only knew Lugh, a Celtic god as Hugh.

Holding hands, the two made their way to the cabin hoping to find out what was eally going on. As they walked in another surprise waited. Brigit was also present. René turned to look at Angela with an unspoken question in his eyes etched with a furrowed brow.

Jacques was the first to speak. “René and Angela … this is going to sound beyond belief, but believe me when I tell you that what you are going to see and hear is real and not a hallucination.”

As soon as those words were spoken a rumble of thunder filled the air soon followed by a flash of lightening. Then, the skies which had been threatening opened up as a torrent of rain began to batter the cabin.

“We made it here just in time,” Fred said to no one in particular.

“Okay, tell us what’s going on,” demanded Angela. “I don’t appreciate being scared for no reason. What is so important that makes it okay to make me believe that René was in trouble?”

“Oh, but he is in trouble,” Brigit spoke on behalf of the others. “And by the same token, so are you, Angela. You see, all isn’t as you think it is. Take me and Hugh for example. We are not really Brigit and Hugh, nor is Fred really Fred.”

“I don’t buy that,” disagreed René. “I’ve know Fred for some time now and I doubt that a Presbyterian pastor would be someone else in disguise. I mean, he has been online for years as a pastor.”

“It’s true, René,” confessed Fred. Brigit is right. My real name is Angus and being a Presbyterian pastor was in fact a disguise. Well, for the last while it was a disguise,” he added which only confused René and Angela. “For a number of years I really was Fred. Then, about two years ago, it all changed.”

“I hope that you have more to say,” Angela prodded. “Your answer doesn’t really tell us anything that helps either of us understand what it going on.

Hugh interjected, “Just for clarification, my name is Lugh and this is Brighid. We use the names Hugh and Brigit when we have to interact with humans. The truth is … ”

[to be continued]

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