Is it incongruous to think about getting sunburnt when the final remnants of a once-in-a-decade ice storm are only now melting outside my window? Maybe. But the Sunburnt! I’m thinking about is a new card game from The Table Candle featuring nudists, and it looks stunning! Read on to see why I’m asking you to please help this project make it to completion.

I love cards, I love games, and (therefore) I love card games, and of course I love naturism/nudism, so I’m an easy mark for a card game called “Sunburnt! The Game with No Tanlines.” But what I most love about this particular card game is the art. I’ll include here some of the art examples they have profiled on their website and on their Twitter account. What’s immediately evident is that the cards show nudists from all walks of life, enjoying all kinds of everyday activities. In playing the game, you pair a nudist doing a certain activity with another nudist doing the same thing. There are matching symbols and colors just in case, as you can see in these examples:

The object is to make the most pairs and to avoid being left with the Sunburnt! card, pictured in the middle of this spread:

These are just such fun drawings! So well designed! It’s also very apparent that this art promotes body positivity, #NormaliseNaturism, and the diversity of humanity through body shape, size, color, gender and age. Such a terrific message! Frankly it’s hard to overstate just how outstanding that diversity is. No surprise: the design team is diverse and includes at least one declared naturist as well as a Diversity Officer – you can read more about the creative process behind this game at this great interview on Clothes Free Life!

These nudists have attitude! And they are loving life! What this game does for everyday casual nudity of all kinds is to celebrate it, not denigrate it. It’s not like the object is to avoid being the last one holding the only nude character; rather, it’s to avoid getting Sunburnt!, a worthy goal on which all nudists and naturists heartily agree! Playing this game would help anyone envision what life can be like when we ditch our clothes. I imagine it would be an especially compelling game for textiles, because the cards show them – right there in their very hands! – what they may never have visualized: ordinary people of all kinds being active and nonchalant while naked, fully accepting and proud of their nudity. Could these cards represent humanity’s future? I hope so! The future: It’s in the cards!

Does this have anything to do with naturist fiction? In my opinion, the answer is a big YES. Just look at these folks: they are characters in search of a story! Every single one of these portraits is concept art for a character. You can shuffle them around and see what you get, or draw two or three and make a story with them. Also, I think the fact that these are drawings, and not photos, liberates an even greater creative license for thinking about them as characters, but maybe that’s just me.

As of today the creators at The Table Candle are 3/5ths of the way to what they need in order to actually print and distribute the game… If you’re able, please help out our fellow naturist content creators here. Many thanks!

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  1. Wow, that is indeed a great find! I’m not a card or games person but I’m inclined to buy these just for the heck of it. They look amazing.
    Thanks for sharing them, Will!

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