The comfort of writing

Is there comfort in writing?

Oh yes. Believe me, there is. Many people are very talkative, outgoing, and ready, able and willing to talk about what is going on inside them. Power to you if you are one of those. I am not one of them. I’m not a social creature that dives into every gathering and is out there to meet new people at any given moment. In fact I have very few friends and I go out very little.

My ‘going out’ is in my writing. I can travel everywhere that way and meet people whenever I want. Make them interact and go on adventures. And the best thing for me is that I can go to these people and places when I feel like it. As soon as I am done travelling to Sheila and Jeremy (Naked Crow series), or I’m not sure if I want to see another world (Mirror Earth), I stop writing. The comfort is in knowing I can go back to them at any moment I choose.

This however doesn’t make me a recluse.

I do like to go out. When I feel like it. When I do, I make sure I have something with me I can write stuff down on, even when it’s a simple notepad and a pen. Everywhere I go there are stories waiting, or events Walk in the snowthat desperately want to go into stories. Watching people is a wonderful pastime and the things they do, real life things, are perfect to use in stories.

At the time of writing this, winter is happening in the Netherlands. We’ve had a bunch of snow already. Snow is not inviting for me to go outside (I’m not a cold-loving person either!) but snow creates ideas as well, and the way to get into those ideas is, indeed, to go outside so at times I venture into the chilly outdoors.

Writing: living life in the slow lane.

The Dr Who Tardis

This is another comfort. When I write I can think about life and how I want it to happen. Modern day life doesn’t hand you that luxury most of the time. In writing I can make something happen and decide if it’s the right thing. If it’s not, I can change the ‘course of history’. Do I want someone to take a naked drive? Do I want him or her to get caught? I decide, and if it doesn’t work out I go back and create a new version.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to do that in your life? To go back and erase the stupid things you did? To correct the decisions you made and that blew up in your face later on? Maybe it would be great. Alas, we can’t do that. Perhaps it’s for the best. I’m sticking with the comfort of having my writing to do that, and in that I try to create the best experience for everyone who loves reading.


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