The danger of too many ideas

There is a danger in having too many ideas. You may know the problem.Ideas

You get this idea and you start pursuing it. Then you get another one and you go after that one as well. And then… you get the picture.

Before you know it, you have a whole slew of ideas you want to put into action and because of that nothing gets done.

It’s a problem writers also face, and it can turn into a danger.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Writing a story can throw you into a paper plot bag you have to fight yourself out of. Sometimes that’s difficult and it can take a long time. The danger then comes up: a new idea. A new story. Let’s first do that. By the time that’s done, I’ll have found a out of this problem. Needless to say (but I’ll do it anyway) that also this new story can throw you a paper bag to escape from.

That’s what makes writing hard. I know people who think writing is just sitting down, typing out the words and that’s it. Usually the first 2 or 3 chapters are. That’s when things are clear and simple. As the story progresses, however, there are more facts, insights, intrigues, ideas and complications. That’s when the story gets complicated. And that’s where the danger comes in. A problem arises and you don’t see a way out. Put the thing to rest for a while. Pick up a new idea. Wrong!

For me the best way to get through this is to find a virtual club and go on a hunt for the solution. Slap the creativity with it until it releases what I need, so I can continue writing.


And it seems I’m not the only one who believes in this!

A consequence is that getting a story done will take longer. Going after creativity (or inspiration) takes time. For me it takes long walks in the company of a notepad and a pen. Quick notes are the photographs for ideas and solutions. They’re indispensable for books in series, like the Naked Crow books. That ‘world’ is established, so I have to be careful to stay within the boundaries I set up.

I wish I could take naked walks. I’m sure those would speed things up, because clothes block me.

On the railroad

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