The Future of the Genre

I’m not sure of why I write, especially Naturist Fiction. As a writer, I do know that when I write for a wider audience and leave naturism aside, or at least have it become minimalised in the background, I sell more books. When my naturist fiction sales go up, the readers buy the books likely based on the cover or the blurb which focuses on the story rather than the setting. Naturism or nudity becomes as much about human psychology as it does about a feeling state. As such, sales go up. For whatever reason, those embracing naturism or nudism aren’t significant consumers of naturist fiction. As one reader once commented, nudists are already familiar with the philosophy of naturism/nudism and likely prefer to read other genres for the story lines with which they’ve become familiar.

Yet, there is a growing niche for Naturist Fiction. The collaboration that resulted in the anthology, Murder in the Nudist Colony has illustrated this. Sixteen paperback copies and a significant number of eBooks are evidence supporting the idea of a growing market within the naturist community. A second anthology is in progress with a few different contributors added. With these projects, the community benefits by creating a more diverse pool of authors and readers.

The future for the Naturist Fiction is slowly growing. With authors gaining skill, the quality of authorship going up, the legitimacy as a genre goes up as well. The future for Naturist Fiction is looking bright.

7 thoughts on “The Future of the Genre”

  1. Writing is maddeningly enjoyable. Reading is pleasantly enjoyable. I must say I enjoy both. Eventhough I will not be participating in the 2nd Anthology offering, I will be reading it.

  2. A quote from Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books: “If you want big sales, you need bosoms and bottoms on the covers”.

    That was 50 years ago, but sex – or the suggestion of it – still sells. And, to the general public, nudity usually suggests sex?

    1. Nudity, or nudism, to me is just so darn natural. It’s not sexual or erotic. It’s just natural and comfortable!

      I would really like to hear what others think, what their opinion is.

      1. That is the problem. Sex is expected. With it delivered, it ceases to be naturist fiction. Erotica is the genre you want to follow.

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