The Naked Truth by Paul Z Walker

The Naked Truth – Paul Z Walker

Well, I have to admit that this post should have been written long before this as I bought the book in April of this year. Like Will’s book, I wasted no time in reading it, and enjoying it. Paul’s book, The Naked Truth, was a book that is different from his other books such as the Naked Crow series or the Mirror Earth series. And yes, I’ve read them all over the years.

I love a good mystery novel. The “who done it” detective stories are a particular favourite of mine. Fitting in a naturist setting and philosophy into such a story takes more skill that one could possibly imagine. Now, with the premise is: “Gerben Benders is a detective who gets the hard and the weird cases. His latest assignment is complicated because someone is stealing prototypes from a tightly secured tech company called SpecialTech, and no one knows how the thieves do it” Of course, I won’t be giving any spoilers in reviewing this story.”

To maintain “mystery” demands that an author adds complications to create suspense and tension. It becomes even more difficult when removing one complication only reveals one or more complications in the process. Benders in is search of truth, the Naked Truth as a detective. The insertion of a naturist venue and the tensions in dealing with the issue of nudity and added stress while going undercover in search of the Naked Truth allows for a different truth to emerge. I won’t say more, but I will recommend that you get your own copy of the book. You won’t be disappointed.

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